Before the age of high-tech and advanced rice cookers came into the picture, first came the conventional rice cookers which are simple to use but then later on – turned out to have a lot of caveats if one is looking for a more flexible choice.

Nowadays, there are lots of rice cookers sold in the market that have the capability to do more than just cooking the rice that you’ve placed inside the cooking – they range from a plethora of cooking options or even have the potential to learn your cooking behavior a`nd adjust to it.

Zojirushi’s rice cookers are a prime example of these functional high-tech rice cookers that are capable of extending their role outside of just cooking rice.

In this article, we’ll get to familiarize ourselves with one of their “smart” rice cookers and it’s none other than the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer. We’ll get to take a look at its key features and its main advantages and maybe, some of its drawbacks.

Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Key Features:

1. Multi-menu cooking functions

  • Make every type of rice with a Zojirushi NL-AAC10! The rice cooker has a lot of multi-menu cooking functions allowing you to entertain sushi rice, plain rice, mixed rice, porridges and congee and if you’re going for a healthy route – even brown rice!

2. Automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycles

  • Every high-tech Zojirushi rice cooker often comes in with the capability to retain the heat present in the rice that has been cooked. Once the rice cooker is done with cooking the rice placed inside the cooking pot, it immediately shifts over to an automatic keep warm phase which can last for several hours. If that’s not enough for you, it has an extended keep warm function to retain heat for more hours and a re-heating cycle for bringing back lost warmth to the cooled rice.

3. Melody and beep signal

  • There’s no need to “babysit” the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker as it comes in with an interchangeable melody or beep sound signal. This sound signal will notify you whether the rice cooker is already finished with cooking the rice inside it. This eliminates the need to go back and forth just to check if the rice cooker is done cooking the rice.

4. Fuzzy Logic Technology

  • A recurring feature among high-tech Zojirushi rice cookers is the Fuzzy Logic Technology. In a way, the rice cooker learns the patterns and behaviors of its owner on every cooking session. In turn, the rice cooker automatically customizes its temperature and cooking time settings and tries to make it as close as possible to its owner’s cooking patterns and habits. This results in great quality rice that meets the user’s expectations.

5. Additional accessories for every purchase

  • For every purchase of the Zojirushi rice cooker, it comes in with a few additional accessories for you to use. The NL-AAC10 comes in with a few additional accessories namely a steamer basket (allowing you to steam food alongside cooking rice), a plastic rice spatula and a rice measuring cup.

NOTE: The measuring cup uses a Japanese standard for measuring 1 cup of rice which is slightly less than that of a US-Standard 1 cup of rice. Thought to bring it up so you can take note of it.

Now that we’ve covered the key features of the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer – let’s proceed to the advantages and disadvantages of using the rice cooker.

Pros and Cons

We’ll admit that the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker is a great addition to any home kitchen, but let’s take a look at what the proud owners and buyers have a say about their experiences in using this great rice cooker!

Pros (+)

  • Flexibility in cooking options – There’s a lot of rice delicacies that you can create with the use of the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 rice cooker. All you need to do is to get the rice grains of your choice, set up the desired cooking options from the multi-menu cooking functions and you are all set! Since the rice cooker has a steaming basket included, you can even steam food while you are cooking the rice – this is like shooting two birds with one stone as you are already cooking rice but also preparing the meal that goes with it.
  • Can retain heat present on the cooked rice – As said earlier, it comes in with the automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and re-heating features. These three is what makes the rice cooker capable of not only keeping the rice nice and fresh but also can assure that even if the rice cools down later on – you can just simply bring back the warmth. Now you can enjoy tasty warm rice anytime when you wish it.
  • “Learns” from your cooking habits – Because of the Fuzzy Logic Technology, the NL-AAC10 rice cooker can pick up patterns from your cooking habits for every use of the rice cooker. This results in the rice cooker automatically adjusting its temperature and cooking time settings to go well with your standards.
  • No need to babysit – Unlike conventional rice cookers wherein you need to go back and forth whenever needed to check if the rice is ready to be served – the NL-ACC10 doesn’t need to be constantly checked on. Through its interchangeable melody or beep signal, it will let you know through a sound-based notification whether the rice is ready for meal time.
  • Fairly cheap – For a high-tech rice cooker, it does have an okay price tag that lies around the $150+ price range.

Cons (-)

  • Cooking might take a while – This is more of a minor nitpick but Zojirushi rice cookers have a tendency to cook the rice for up to an hour. There is a justifiable reason behind this and it’s because the rice cooker soaks the rice first before cooking it, hence making it easier to cook. Some types of rice grains in fact become easier to cook if they are soaked more often.

Maintenance of the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

Taking good care of the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker will be very rewarding in the long run because this will ensure that the rice cooker can serve your household well for a long time. Let’s take a look at the steps needed to be taken in order to ensure that the NL-ACC10 will be working well in the long run and be less likely to get replaced.

  1. Clean the cooking pot with dishwashing soap and warm water. Wash and rinse well until thoroughly cleaned. Leave it to dry afterwards.
  2. Detach the inner lid and clean it like what you did to the cooking pot. Leave it to dry afterwards before re-attaching to the rice cooker.
  3. Clean the heating element with the use of a damp cloth. Keep your eyes peeled for any water droplets and leftover rice. You don’t want to have them interfering in the even distribution of heat during the cooking phase.
  4. Never use metal utensils when serving rice from a Zojirushi rice cooker. The cooking pot utilizes a non-stick lining and metal utensils are prone to scraping or scratching that surface. Make use of the plastic spatula that it comes in with.
  5. Since the model comes in with a steam vent, remove it and clean it thoroughly.
  6. Check the gasket at certain points of time, you need to make sure that the gasket isn’t showing signs of discoloration. If the gasket is starting to get discolored – contact the Customer Service to avail a replacement.

If you have any doubts on maintaining the Zojirushi NL-AAC10 rice cooker then don’t fret, all you need to do is to check the user’s manual and read all directions shown in it. In fact, cleaning it is easy so it’s not much of a chore to handle.

Final Remarks

The Zojirushi NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker is another excellent option to consider if you’re out looking for a good rice cooker that sports both great functionality and a pretty decent price tag (not too cheap, nor too expensive). With the capability to learn from the owner’s cooking patterns, the NL-AAC10 is capable of coming up with the ideal settings that could possibly meet their expectations. In addition to its capability to learn from the user, you can make a variety of rice delicacies with the NL-AAC10 and make more than just cooked rice with the cooking functions and the additional steam basket.

Even though the rice will be cooked slowly, it will become worthwhile in the end because the finished product can even rival those of rice served in fancy restaurants! On top of that, it has a sound-based notification system to let you know whether it is done cooking and keep warm features to ensure that the rice will be kept nice and warm for many hours – and if they do run cold soon, then you can just re-heat it.

Overall, a solid contender for the home kitchen. If you want to try out Zojirushi’s high-tech rich cookers then you’d want to consider purchasing their NL-AAC10 Micom Rice Cooker.

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