Steamfast SF – 407 is a garment steamer that helps you get rid of those pesky wrinkles on your clothes quickly and effortlessly. Contrary to how traditional irons work, it relaxes and freshens your clothes instead of flattening them. Steamfast offers a fabric steamer that’s well suitable for silk and other delicate fabrics. To familiarize yourself with Steamfast SF – 407, read on:

One Of The Best

Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer holds the second position in the list of Top Fabric Steamers for 2021. It has been voted as the best ‘value for money’ product. Steamfast SF – 407 enables its users to steam-press several clothes before it runs out of the water. Moreover, it is one of the best garment steamers in its price segment.

Offers Everything: Sans The Dripping Of The Stored Water

This amazing steamer does not allow any seepage of water from the reservoir. Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer is among the few steamers at the available price range that offers this feature. Because the appliance does not leak, it makes it easier for the user to use the steamer in horizontal as well as vertical arrangements.

Perfectly Powered up for Extended Steam-press Sessions

Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer generates steam in less than 45 seconds. SF – 407 allows you to steam-press your fabrics for a continued period of almost an hour. For people who like their garments crisp and who like to take their time with their garments, this feature is just the ideal thing.

A Glance At The Various Features Of Steamfast SF – 407

Steamfast SF – 407 comes with a 1500W heating system. It can hold up to 1380ml or 40 oz of water. The product weighs around 8.2 lbs or 232 gms. It has a removable water reservoir for ease of use. The length of power cord is 6.2 feet, long enough for you to move the appliance around freely. It has a 2-pin polarized plug type, offering socket connectivity, particularly when your home’s running low on 3-pin sockets.

Accessories: Lots of them

The Steamfast SF – 407 comes with a fabric brush, a press pad, an instruction manual, a steam hose and a water tank. Furthermore, it comes with a pole top hanger, a drain plug, and a pole coupling. These accessories prove to be essential when you want to steam-press your different garments. Most manufacturers do not offer the amazing range of accessories that Steamfast offers with their garment steamers.

A Normal Steamer vs. Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer.

SF – 407 offers more features and accompaniments than any average garment steamer.

  • A Temperatures dial for regulating the heat for different types of fabrics is provided on the appliance.
  • Steamfast SF – 407 functions using water. The water should either be distilled or hard water.
  • The unit gives a remarkably classy finish to the clothes after the dry cleaning is done. It does not require tetrachloroethylene (a chemical used by commercial dry cleaners to get the desired results).
  • Unlike other garment steamers, Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer can be used for hand-held garments.
  • The appliance is suitable for all types of clothing.

How Much Space Does it Need?

Before buying a product, it is necessary to contemplate the amount of space it will occupy in your house Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer has a large bottom; however, it does not occupy a large area in the room and gives you a tidy and organized laundry space. It can be effortlessly stored in the closet. Steamfast SF -407 can be identified as a compressed version of a usual commercial steamer.

When Can You Use Your Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer?

You can use SF – 407 on delicate as well as heavy upholstery and curtains. All delicate, as well as heavy fabrics such as bed linen and cushion covers, can be steam-pressed with it. It can help you get rid of all the tough wrinkles from your blouses, pants, dresses, shirts and all other clothing. The easy usability of SF – 407 is all you’ll need to stop using your traditional irons just after a few days of owning this equipment.

Whom is this Fabric Steamer Perfect For?

Voted as a must buy for any household, Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer is neither too high nor too low on the pricing. For traditional iron users, it would seem a little more than they would bargain for; however, for those who love their clothes a wee bit too much, it is not too heavy on the pocket. Moreover, an iron would only work on clothes however, SF – 407 works great will all kinds of fabrics. Check out pricing at; you might be a few clicks away from a great deal.

After Sales Service

If any part malfunctions and needs replacement, you can directly order it from the manufacturer. The parts are easily available with the manufacturer. However, it has been found that the steam hose is not readily available in the market.

Minor Drawbacks Of Steamfast SF – 407 Fabric Steamer

There is no release button for the steam, showing that there is no way to cause discontinuation in the emission of the steam when it gets uncontrollable. Moreover, since the appliance is lightweight, heavy items of clothing can cause the appliance to collapse if caution is not exercised. Expect slight deteriorations in performance after regular use of 2 to 3 years, unless you’re really particular about maintenance, repairs, and upkeep.

Things To Remember While Using The Unit

  • Remember to cool the appliance for about fifteen minutes before storing it away.
  • Use only distilled water for the reservoir. Mineral water will obstruct the steaming routine of the appliance and in turn, shorten the durability of the unit.
  • Drain the remaining water from the reservoir after every use.

Should You Or Should You Not Buy This Product – Final Words

Steamfast SF – 407 will prove to be just the right choice if you’re looking to buy your first fabric steamer or looking to replace the one you purchased last. Steamfast SF – 407 is a durable appliance for both light and heavy-duty work. It is durable enough and is a better option than most similarly priced competing products.

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