One should never judge a book by its cover; unfortunately, in the real world, your clothes define you, particularly where outward appearances and first impressions are of supreme importance. Everywhere you look you’ll find handsomely dresses men and women oozing confidence and sophistication. Wearing a pair of well-ironed shirts and wrinkle-free trousers can automatically boost your self-esteem. The Rowenta IS6200 garment steamer keeps your clothes crisp and smart; it uses pure steam for ironing your garments. Read on to know more about the facts, features and other details mentioned in the review.

Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer

Rowneta, a German-based company is known for its premium quality products and global outlook. Rowneta IS6200, a product of Rowenta is manufactured at par with the top quality German engineering standards. Great for both commercial and personal use, this garment steamer offers you all the benefits of ironing and none of the hassles!


  • The convenient maneuvering
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Heats very quickly
  • Small and lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Maximum output
  • Built in hanger and hook


  • No stopper, might spill water if overfilled
  • Cannot be used on flat surfaces
  • Very limited tank capacity

Why should you go for it?

The Rowenta IS200 garment steamer offers you a perfect mix of toughness and comfort. Given below are some reasons as to why this is a profitable investment:

Small, Lightweight and Portable

The Rowenta IS6200 is perfect for traveling because of its easy and compact design. It can easily fit your suitcase and the pure steam action would smoothen out the wrinkles instantly. Weighing at just about 29 pounds, you can comfortably maneuver it anywhere you want. You can buy the Rowenta IS6200 here.

Tough & Sturdy Design

The tough and solid framework has a polymer plastic covering making it even more durable. And the hose and telescopic pole can be adjusted according to requirement. Also the hose comes with a “stay cool” feature that automatically regulates the temperature when the machine becomes too hot.

The Tilt & Roll Design

Perhaps one of the best features of the Rowenta IS6200 is the revolutionary tilt and roll feature that makes your job so much easier! The entire steamer is designed as a suitcase where the water tank needs to be tilted for proper use. This gives you better control over the steamer as you can maneuver it all around the house easily.

Smart on/off Feature

The on/off button is situated at the base of the steamer this means you can easily switch off the machine after use with your foot. Also, the auto switch feature shuts down the steamer when not in use – a very power efficient and eco-friendly feature.


Rowenta IS6200 is all about convenience. It heats up really fast taking only about a minute to warm up. You get inbuilt hangers and hooks to hang your clothes after you’re done steaming. Also, the 81-ounce tank provides steam for up to an hour. This means you can use the machine for long durations without any refills.  Even the steam head is pretty huge for maximum steam output. Also, the telescopic pole and hose can be set according to the height of the user.

Easy assemble

The assembly of the machine is very simple; it comes with a user manual with very clear-cut instructions following which anyone can put it all together. Rowenta IS6200 has many accessories and attachments that can be easily attached and detached from the machine.

The many attachments

You get loads of extra accessories with the Rowenta IS6200 such as a lint pad, a fabric brush, grease remover etc. Use the fabric brush for keeping the different fabrics soft and wrinkle-free, while the crease attachment comes in handy for the light wrinkles and creases. You can even keep your expensive suits and clothes lint free with the lint pad.

The Final Verdict:

Replete with so many features, the Rowenta IS6200 is quick, efficient and user-friendly. The compact and customizable design is a heart winner. Many argue that this machine doesn’t give the pressed ironed look, but then again it is not an iron! A practical and effective solution for wrinkles, it offers great value for your money!

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