Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam is inexpensive for anybody looking to get the professional dry cleaning done at home. It works on a wide range of fabrics. It offers the same results as a commercial dry cleaning session. PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer is a durable garment steamer, which cuts off your expensive dry cleaning costs with its effective functionality. Before buying a garment steamer for the household, make certain that you have thorough knowledge about the product. Here, in this review, all your questions about the appliance will be answered, which will help you to make a wise decision.

Flexibility Of Performance and Features

  • PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer offers a 61 oz. removable water reservoir.
  • A 100% money back guarantee.
  • It also has a super sturdy aluminum heating element
  • PurSteam also provides a 5-year warranty on its garment steamer.

The removable water reservoir can hold 61 oz. of water. This garment steamer offers more water storage capacity than most steamers in the market. Because of its convenient removability, it is easy to refill and drain any remaining water from the container.

PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer comes with 5-year warranty, which also means that you would not have to look for another garment steamer for at least 5 years. And if in any case, you have to look for a replacement, you would get your money back, guaranteed.

The effective aluminum heating component ensures that your water generates steam in 45 to 60 seconds. It is 30% sturdier and delivers durability to those who seek nothing short of great results from their steamers.

How Long Can You Use Your Appliance For?

The temperature of the water can go up to 248 °F, which kills up to 99.9% of the germs on your fabrics and makes them fresh again. You can use your PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer for up to 60 minutes or an hour as the emission of steam is constant and unobstructed. Don’t believe you can ever replace your favorite iron with a garment steamer? Give this device a shot!

What Can You Use PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer For?

PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer is one of those garment steamers that work on all kinds of fabrics. It works great with both light and heavy fabrics. Irrespective of what the material is, you can dry clean all types of clothes. These include curtains, jeans, silk or any other kind of fabric. It can de-wrinkle all kinds of fabrics in just a few seconds.

Why Should You Consider Buying Yourself Elite Garment Steamer By PurSteam?

  • The steamer has wheels at the bottom of it. This feature makes the appliance mobile. Due to its mobility, it is easier to transport it from one room to another. This type of feature is not often available in garment steamers.
  • It heats up in less than a minute. This feature allows dry cleaning in emergency situations and on urgent basis. A garment steamer as fast as PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer can easily be very expensive, however, it is not.
  • PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer goes easy on the pocket. Because it is cheaper than most garment steamers in the market, you do not have to let go of those strings of your purse.
  • PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer offers professional and expert dry cleaning at a very low cost; consider it a onetime investment.
  • PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer offers a water reservoir that can hold 61 oz. of water. This feature is one of the best in the market.

The only thing you need with PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer is water. While using the appliance, you should ensure that you are using de-mineralized water. This could be either distilled or hard water. The manufacturer recommends distilled water as it generates more steam in less time.

Storage Advice

The appliance does not demand much of the storage space. It can fit in places with decent storage capacity. Any household offering a square foot of storing area can afford to have PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer at home.

PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer is a renowned product. It is easily available on online shopping sites such as Amazon. It is neither very expensive and nor dirt cheap. It is perfectly suitable for mid-ranged budgets and offers a decent blend of features centered on storage capacity and value for money.


The appliance is not perfect. It has various drawbacks that need to be considered by you, as a customer. Firstly, PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer does not come with tools. Other manufacturers offer accessories that make the process of steam-pressing and dry cleaning easier for the users. This one does not offer any tools such as pole top hanger, fabric brush or a press pad. Not having these accessories would not allow you to have a precise steaming session, which is commonly offered by other steamers.

Moreover, the product is not the fastest steamer in the industry. Among its competing garment steamer, PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer produces steam at a relatively slow pace. While most other garment steamers generate steam in less than 30 seconds, this one does it in 45 to 60 seconds.

Final Verdict

According to most user reviews, PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer is just the right thing for many households. It provides professional dry cleaning at an affordable price. Customers have reported that it is a reliable product because of its 5-year warranty and 100% money back guarantee.

Although there have been a few complaints regarding the dripping of water, many have reported that it is worth the cost. Users have also stated that it takes practice to get used to the product, but again, what does not?

Therefore, if you feel that you are satisfied with the specifications and features that the product offers and that you are patient enough to figure the appliance in a few tries, you should consider PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer for your household.

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