Well ironed, wrinkle-free clothes that look crisp and neat can do wonders for your confidence! As Shakespeare very simply puts it, “Clothes maketh a man”. But how many of us really like ironing? Not only is it tedious and time taking, but ALSO ironing also destroys the fabric’s quality.The J-2000 model smoothens out the wrinkles with steam without compromising on the quality of the fabric. We’ve put together this detailed review of the J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer complete with all its features, the benefits, and disadvantages. Check it out-

Launched by the Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC, the J-2000 Jiffy is a powerful steamer used for removing wrinkles on clothes, curtains, tablecloths etc. and is great for both commercial and personal use. It uses pure steam to eliminate the wrinkles and is considerably easier to manage as compared to heavy ironing boards.

 Jiffy Garment Steamer J-2000 Specifications Overview

The technical specifications and other features of the J-2000 Jiffy are discussed below-

  • Product dimensions: 17.5×11.5×16.3 inches
  • Product weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • A 1300 watt full sizes garment steamer with plastic covering.
  • It heats up in just 2 minutes and is operational for an hour and a half after every filling.
  • 5 ½ foot long adjustable hose with a 6-inch head and 64-inch pole
  • Automatically shuts down to save electricity and prevent accidents

What do we like about Jiffy Garment Steamer?

The J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer is a good choice for your garments because:

Large Tank Capacity And Run Time

The J-2000 Jiffy steamer has a 96oz tank; that’s considerably larger than the conventional 60oz tanks available in the market. This saves you from the trouble of constantly refilling it. The sturdy and clear plastic water galleon that covers ¾ of the machine comes with a stopper.

The valve prevents water from dripping onto the garment and damaging it. With such a large tank and reservoir, you can use the machine continuously for about an hour and a half without any interruptions. Also, the tank can be easily fixed to the base of the machine.

Easy Operation

Perhaps the best thing about the J-2000 Jiffy is the extended 64-inch long pole that is ideal for curtains. And though the pole might cause a hindrance during storage, you’ll love this steamer if you’re tall, because it really simplifies your job.

The adjustable handles give you a firm grip and are very comfortable to use. It is even extremely portable, thanks to the small wheels attached at the bottom. It’s super convenient to use, and there is no need to any chemicals. Plus, it works on both tap and mineral water.

Tough and Durable

If you have children, you must know how difficult it is to keep all the gadgets out of their way.  It is unfortunate how most electric devices are not very long lasting. Not the case with J-2000 Jiffy though; the tough heavy-duty polymer plastic covering and top quality wooden handles are very durable.

Also, the premium quality rubber hose and leak-proof plates and rubber rings reduce the wear and tear of the machine. You get a choice between a metal head and a rubber one, both of which are dependable and can endure the test of time.

Powerful Engine

The 1300 watt high powered engine takes only two minutes to heat up before you can use it to eliminate those wrinkles. And it is power efficient, for it automatically shuts down when heated to save electricity and also to prevent any damage. It is not only quick and effective in smoothening out the creases but also saves a lot of your time and effort. Just ensure that you’re using the machine properly as the head can scald your skin if used the wrong way; for better protection use hand gloves to prevent accidents.


The J-2000 Jiffy can be used on all types of clothes, irrespective of their fabric, length, and size. You can use them on your pants, the shirts, curtains, tablecloths, bed sheets and any other apparel. The 5.5-foot hose and handles are flexible and easy to handle. You even get a number of head attachments to choose from. This makes your work all the more simple and fun! The long rubber hose is tall enough to reach the high curtains and perfect for all users. The 8 feet long power cord simplifies maneuvering around the house.

Safety Concerns?

The product is very reliable and safe if you use it properly. The auto shut down feature cuts the electric flow if the steamer gets too hot. Also, the handles are made of wood, a bad conductor of electricity, to prevent shocks. The insulator attached to it regulates the temperature. Although the hose heats up pretty fast, with a little precaution you can easily avoid any accidents.

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[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#0fa11a”]

  • Super user-friendly
  • Time-saving
  • Solid framework
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Powerful and long lasting
  • Much safer than you regular iron.
  • Silent

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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bb0e20″]

  • The hot hose can be dangerous
  • The long pole might cause a hindrance when storing
  • Not very eye pleasing




Our Final Verdict

The J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer is the simple, practical and quick solution for wrinkled clothes. And although you won’t be getting those crisp creases and the pressed down ironed look, the steamer really comes in handy to effectively remove the wrinkles. Go for it if you’re looking for a hassle-free and fast fix for garments.

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