How To Choose A Garment Steamer?

Nowadays, more people are opting to use a garment steamer instead of the iron to freshen up clothes and get rid of the creases. With the fast-paced lifestyle these days, we’ll use anything that can help save time. Ironing clothes take a while and some delicate materials can’t be ironed. Using a steamer saves time (especially with the fast heat-up time most products have), sanitizes your clothes (it kills germs), and takes any unpleasant odor away in no time at all.

Before you decide which one to get, there are several factors to consider:

1. Purpose

Think about what will you be using it mainly for. If you’re on the go, you might consider getting a more compact, travel size model. You might want a sturdier full-size standing model if you’ll only be using it at home (or in your workplace, if you work in the fashion industry). If you’re planning on using it for draperies and curtains, choose one with a longer reach and one with a larger water storage capacity. Will you be using it to steam clothes and shirts? Then pick one with an attached hanger.

2. Water reservoir capacity and heat-up time

The more water it can hold, the longer you can steam with it. This is particularly important when you’re using it to get a lot of jobs done. The heat-up time is another thing to consider. Most machines heat up in a minute or less. When you’re getting your clothes ready in the morning, you’d definitely want to get it done quickly.

3. Steam Time

How long will a full tank last? This feature is not a deal-breaker for most people after all nobody wants to steam clothes continuously for an hour. However, it helps to know how often you have to refill the tank especially if you’re steaming draperies, cushions, beds, pillows, and furniture. Steam time usually lasts between 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on the model. Those meant for professional use usually have a longer steam time and a larger water tank.

4. Reach

Most standing garment steamers have telescopic poles which can be extended or collapsed for easier storage. Knowing the max pole height, which is the extent to which the pole can be extended, is important especially if you’re a tall person. Usually, these poles can reach up to 60″ (5 ft.) high. Get one with a higher reach if you’re more than 5.5-ft. tall. The length of the hose is also an important piece of info to know, particularly if you’re using the hose to steam drapes and other household stuff.

5. Attachments

Common attachments include the fabric brush, lint remover, and crease clip. Most, if not all, units have a built-in hanger. Some already have these basic attachments included in the box whereas others only have the hanger included. Think about whether you’ll be needing other attachments to make the job easier. Other brands offer optional attachments if you plan to use it on more than just clothes.

6. Safety

When you get so caught up doing something, sometimes you fail to notice important things, like the water level for instance. This is why some brands have an automatic shut-off feature which gets activated when the water tank runs dry. This is to make sure so your appliance won’t get damaged. It’s also good for preventing what would otherwise be a fire hazard.

7. Replacement Parts

Appliances that are constantly used are bound to break down sooner or later, even with proper care. Even of the standard 1-year warranty, you need to know how easy is it to get replacement parts and how accessible they are? Most companies sell these parts, however, there are those who don’t provide replacement parts so you either have to improvise using stuff you can get from your local hardware store, or get a new one.

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