Garment Steamer Vs Steam Iron

Ironing is a, by and large, house errand that many despise to do but since we like to wear nice, crisp & wrinkle-free clothes; training how to iron your clothes is a basic life skill every man and woman alike need to acquire. Problem is none of us enjoy ironing our clothes and want to spend as little as time on ironing board. With the advances in technology, we have been equipped with two appliances i.e. A garment steamer and traditional steam iron that may help us save this time and look make us appear as presentable as possible.

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Basically, traditional steam iron and garment steamer accomplish the same goal: eliminating wrinkles from clothes and fabric. With the same potential to emit steam, the way these two devices function is vastly different. A garment steamer emits jet of steam at clothing and fabric without having to touch it, on the other hand, Steam iron presses the material flat under its hot plate.

If you are a person bestowed with a duty of ironing your clothes on a daily basis then you are most probably facing the biggest dilemma of choosing between A garment steamer and steam iron. Before making that decision, in this article, I am going to introduce you the advantages and disadvantages of both of them so you will not have to think twice before putting either one of them on your shopping cart.

Steam Iron Advantages

A conventional steam iron works by simply pressing the item under its hot plate on an ironing board. Conventional steam irons are quite effective in getting rid of crease lines in clothing, this is rather true if you would like to make sure that shirts have crisp cuffs and collars. The steam iron setting comes useful for tricky ripples such as a mark from hanging a shirt over a hanger on the bathroom door for a day or so. Irons are rather convenient for pressing dress shirts and trousers. Basically – any clothing that requires a crease.

Steam Iron Disadvantages

The biggest drawback of steam iron is that it runs the constant risk of burning, leaving marks on your clothes if you are not too careful. For a conventional steam iron, a well-built ironing board is necessary – the space required for one puts the iron at a slight disadvantage compared to a garment steamer. Also, the steam iron is not suitable to all fabrics.

Garment Steamer Advantages

A garment steamer works by typically suspending the item on a hanger and letting it hang then running the handheld high-temperature steamer up and down without touching the item and fabric, and watch the wrinkles disappear.

When you purchase a garment steamer, you will be equipping flexibility, portability, and ease of convenience coupled with a more practical and efficient result contrast to a conventional steam iron. A garment steamer does not require the use of a sturdy iron board, unlike the conventional steam iron.

Also, a garment steamer can easily be used on fabrics that are soft and delicate, making it ideal for fabrics like silk, satin, polyester, jersey or screen-printed t-shirts. A steam iron makes these clothes vulnerable to wear and tear.

It is far more convenient to use as it steams your item right on the hanger also it is lightweight and takes up lesser place compared to its counterpart. A garment steamer is gentler on clothes making it less susceptible to heating or burning because you don’t have to touch or press the clothes and fabric on an ironing board.

To help you decide which garment steamer to buy, see our guide to the best garment steamers in the market today.

Garment Streamer Disadvantages

Garment steamer have a slight disadvantage too and it is its inability to give a sharp and crisp look. You can’t get around smoothing out creases in tough or thick fabrics. With garment streamer, you usually can’t wear clothes right after the steaming as it might be damp.

In a nutshell, both of these devices have their respective advantages and disadvantages in their attempt to accomplishing the common goal of eliminating the wrinkles. But garment streamer weighs down conventional stream iron because of its flexibility to get around all types of clothing without subjecting them to any kind of damage, also the portability its handheld compact design offers especially when you are traveling not to mention the ease of use without burdening yourself with the sturdy iron board.

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