Steam cleaners are proficient of uncountable cleaning applications and every passing day steam cleaners are reaching new heights of popularity. Though cleaning delicate fabric furniture can be daunting, unless you are aware of the fact that you can steam clean it too. In fact, your steam cleaner can be the handiest cleaning tool you are going to use in this regard. It is not only quickest but also the easiest way to remove stains & eliminate odors that often stick to furniture and fabric.

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In this article, I am going to equip you a few simple steps so that you can clean your furniture by yourself eliminating the otherwise costly obligation to hire the steam cleaning company. It will make the task, without a shadow of the doubt, much easier and make your furniture look fresh and brand new. By following, basic and simple few steps you can steam clean your furniture by yourself at home.

Subjecting The Furniture To Vacuum

Knowingly as well as unknowingly, we gather a large accumulation of dirt, dust, trash, allergens, pet hair, and dander by carelessly sleeping, drinking and eating on our dearest furniture or simply exposing it to dirt, dust, and grit. Before we proceed to steam clean your furniture we are subjecting it to the vacuum cleaner. The more dust your vacuum cleaner can suck up, the easier it will be to steam clean your furniture. By doing so we are ensuring that steam cleaning process that involves streaming water will not be making the things worse. Make sure you use the attachment on the device that perfectly fits the type of furniture that you are cleaning. For spotless results without damaging or staining the furniture; picking the fitting attachment plays the key role.

Picking Your Steam Cleaner

There are variety of steam cleaners available in the market and they are classified by the kind of material they can clean. For steam cleaning the furniture ensure that you have picked specifically designed steam cleaner for the task at hand. The cleaners should either be handheld or have easily removable wands or hoses, especially the ones that are ideal for compact and insignificant surfaces. Make sure you avoid bulky carpet steam cleaners as those are not equipped with fabric cleaning attachments and will not work on your furniture at any condition.

Preparing Your Steam Cleaner

This is the most crucial step in your endeavor of spotlessly cleaning the furniture. To prepare steam cleaner you need to add streaming water and suitable attachment to your cleaning machine. This may change depending on the model you are equipped with, make sure you are following the specific instructions given on it. As suggested before, you will also need to add the fitting attachment for furniture. This may be a stationary brush, circling brush, or a cloth, depending on the model you have.
 For the convenience, note that you are not mixing too much shampoo or soap into streamed water also most important that you don’t have to fill the container full.

Start Cleaning The Furniture

Take the handheld steam cleaner or the hose and attachment and vaporize the surface with the steam. ( While performing this procedure, make sure you are cleaning one part of a furniture at a time. Ideally, kick-start cleaning your cushions or pillows that are removable from your furniture. In case, if they are not detachable clean them in the same style as your other parts of the furniture. The possibility is that you may not need to clean the sides of cushion or pillow that are revealed. Once cleaning the cushions is over, start cleaning the rest part of the furniture. important tips to keep in mind when are cleaning rest part of the furniture is

  • Clean furniture small part at a time, avoid adding the bulk of steam at the same time
  • Removing water step the same way you performed with the cushions and pillows. Repeat these steps until the entire area is clean and look like new.

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Let Your Furniture Dry

Once you are done steam cleaning the furniture with aforementioned simple steps, you are now left with the easy job of letting it dry. Drying time is depended on the humidity of steam you have used and the weather conditions outside. You can pace up this process by subjecting the area cleaned to fan, blow dryer or by simply opening up the window.


If your furniture has still lingered with stains even after the steam cleaning process is done, use detergent water accompanied by sponge and start massaging the lingered stains. Avoid scrubbing stains way too hard with the sponge. Repeat the procedure by replacing the water subjected before and cleaning the soapy mixture out of the sponge.

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