Looking for a heavy duty garment steamer? Conair Extreme Steam is sure to catch your attention. The garment steamer is loaded with a powerful heating system that generates a good amount of powerful steam surge for quick commercial steam-pressing results. Conair Extreme Steam consists of a dual heating system. This feature is intended to handle various kinds of fabrics ranging from delicate to hard. That’s just the beginning. Here is everything that you need to know about Conair Extreme Steam garment steamer.

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Flexibility Of Performance and Features

The appliance features 1200 watts of power mechanism for generating steam in merely 60 seconds or less. Conair Extreme Steam offers dual settings for the dual heat system that can be adjusted according to the fabric. The temperature of the heating system rises up to 395 °F, for fabrics like cotton and wool. It reaches up to 200 °F, for delicate fabrics like silk, polyester, nylon, and satin.

The potent flow of steam is 30% hotter and removes wrinkles from the clothes 5 times faster. The steam in the garment steamer lasts for full 15 minutes.

Intelligent And User-friendly – A Powerful Combo

  • Conair Extreme Steam comes with a 14-foot long power cable. The extra long cord allows you to steam your garments according to your convenience.
  • The detachable water reservoir tank lets you have an extended steaming time of up to 15 minutes.
  • The garment steamer features two light indicators namely yellow and green, which indicate the status of the appliance. The yellow light is provided to see the power status of the garment steamer while the green light shows when the steamer is ready to be used.
  • It also features a pause switch for saving energy along with an inbuilt switch for ensuring constant steam.

Accessories That Come Along With The Steamer

The garment steamer is accompanied by one fabric brush attachment, one soft cushion attachment, and one creaser attachment. These three detachable attachments give the appliance versatility and increase its resourcefulness. The attachments make it easier for the user to steam all types of fabrics, including drapes.

External Appearance Of The Unit

The unit is a handheld garment steamer. It is also called an upright steamer as it can be used in an upright or vertical position. The steamer is lightweight as it weighs only about 2.2 pounds or 998 gms. Conair Extreme Steam is originally manufactured in China. The shape of the steamer is like that of a barcode scanner, which makes it easy to handle.

The steamer features a switch that allows the user to regulate the settings of the heat between low and high. The garment steamer is designed for minimizing fatigue by providing a comfortable steam session. The steamer has a wide head for unhindered steam emission and a long power cord.

Forget Costly Dry Cleaning Services

Conair Extreme Steam is one of the most sold garment steamers. It gives you professional garment steaming at the convenience of your home. It covers 5 times the surface area and thus, gives you a faster de-wrinkled garment. It’s all you need to save money on the expensive dry cleaning sessions. Without using any dry cleaning chemicals, the steamer brings your clothes back to being as good as new. In conjunction with that, the garment steamer also kills bed bugs and mites on your clothes and makes them fresh again.

Awards And Recognitions For Conair Extreme Steam

Conair Extreme Steam holds a position in the list of Best Garment Steamers of the year 2017. It’s ease of use and amazing results have brought it recognition from home users as well as expert assessors. The full-featured garment steamer gives the users crisp and effective dry cleaning. Within just a few days of possession of the unit, you will find yourself to have replaced your regular, traditional iron with Conair Extreme Steam garment steamer.

However, it left us wanting more…

Although Conair Extreme Steam offers facilities that are not easily available in the other garment steamers, it has minor downsides.

  • Since the appliance is a handheld steamer, leakage of the water from the reservoir tank can be experienced, if it is used in any position other than upright.
  • While the garment steamer comes with three attachments; the fabric brush, the creaser and the soft cushion, it does not come with an instruction manual for using them. First-time users of garment steamers can face a little difficulty with the procedure.
  • Conair Extreme Steam is bulkier and weighs more than the other handheld garment steamers in the market.
  • Lastly, the appliance does not easily sit on hard surfaces.

Customer Support

The US-based private manufacturer, Conair, is the number one selling garment steamer brand in the United States Of America. It was founded in the year 1959 and has sold various appliances in the global market since then, emerging as a leading seller of home appliances. Although Conair Extreme Steam does not come with an instructions manual for using the attachments, it provides a full video demonstration of instructions.

The video can be accessed by the users through Conair’s official website. This video is sort of a beginner’s guide for all the users of Conair Extreme Steam. It is meant for the training purpose of the users of the garment steamer. An instruction manual can also be accessed and downloaded from the ‘Instruction Booklets’ section of the same website.

Conair also offers a customer service helpline to its buyers. The helpline offers solutions to any queries related to the appliance. In addition, you can even register with Conair to receive a proof of ownership of the appliance and free shipping from its online store. Moreover, you can visit the ‘Parts and Accessories’ section of the company’s website, if any part malfunctions and needs replacement.

The Price

This garment steamer comes at a relatively low price. Its concentrated steam has made steaming garments easy. Possessing the same features and functions as its associate garment steamers; Conair Extreme Steam is cheaper than most. Visit Amazon.com to find out whether or not the appliance falls under your budget.

Is Conair Extreme Steam The Right Choice For You?

Garment steamers are gaining more recognition every day. They are easy to use and work on all kinds of fabrics and remove all the wrinkles from the garments. After examining all the aspects of Conair Extreme Steam, it is safe to say that it is just the right thing for anyone who is looking to buy a new garment steamer.

The minor drawbacks can be neglected if you feel that the advantages overshadow the small number of the disadvantages. Furthermore, Conair Extreme Steam comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Conair Extreme Steam has not shown any signs of deterioration in its performance after occasional use of two or more years. Thus, you can be assured that you would not have to purchase a new garment steamer within the stated period of time. The product is durable enough to last for a few years and is a better option than the other products at the same price range.

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