best steam mop for laminate floors

In this article we’ll get to learn which is the Best Steam Mop for laminated floors and understand the benefits of utilizing one, strategies in cleaning with a steam mop, some criteria to consider before buying and then the best Steam Mops that are available in the market. Let’s proceed, shall we?

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In a Hurry? Here are our Top Choices for the Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors:

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This is our list of the Best Steam Mops for Laminate Floors

Let’s proceed to the best Steam Mops in the market; with each and their own set of perks that would make them stand out among the rest of the pack.

#1. The ThermaPro 10-in-1: PurSteam Steam Mop for laminate and Tile Floors World Best Seller

steam mop for laminate floor

Made out of premium and high-quality components, PurSteam’s ThermaPro 10-in-1 is one of the best Steam Mops in the market. The steam mop just literally cleans through everything! This means that PurSteam’s ThermaPro 10-in-1 isn’t just merely locked to laminated floor mopping duty.

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This steam mop is also capable of cleaning up your carpet, windows and glass surfaces, hardwood surfaces and many more all thanks to its special scrubbers. The ThermaPro 10-in-1 is also child and pet-safe since Steam Mops do not need the use of harsh cleaning agents or chemicals; it only cleans surfaces with the use of super-heated steam to efficiently destroy harmful microorganisms or dirt particles.

The ThermaPro 10-in-1 is also light and easy to adjust; with 3 adjustable modes, it can help you to attain the optimal settings in cleaning up surfaces with the right steam levels; for instance, at the lowest setting, the steam cleaner’s 340mL water reservoir is good 20-25 minutes worth of cleaning.

As said earlier; there’s no need for use of chemical agents in cleaning since it relies on tap water alone to steam off the dirt making it budget-friendly in the long run. With those features; the ThermaPro 10-in-1 is best described as the Swiss knife of the steam mops world; as it is not merely locked to just cleaning the floor yet also providing the same excellent cleaning results.

#2. Light n’ Easy S7338 Easy Steam Mop

While flashy features and great set of options may look attractive to many; others find it a little complicated at times and would opt for something that’s a leaning towards the simpler side of the spectrum.

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One of the simple but still effective choices is from Light n’ Easy, in particular, is the S7338 Easy Steam Mop which is catered towards hard-floor, laminate, tile, grout and carpet surfaces. This unique-looking square steam mop is capable of easily swiveling to any direction hence allowing you to make quick turns when cleaning edges and corners of the house.

Surprisingly it has a large bottom tank which allows excellent steam penetration and higher steaming temperatures which is ideal for all hard floor surfaces. The S7338 is also in possession of the awesome Smart 2.0 Sensor; wherein it stops when the mop is set upright and activates when the handle if tilted; it also entertains automated steam control for optimal cleaning; the more you move the mop quickly, the more steam is released into the floor.

The super-heated steam is delivered within half a minute and dries immediately making it a quick and efficient cleaning tool for your laminated floors. It may not be as flashy as the previous entry but it offers a simple but effective solution for your floor-cleaning needs.

#3. Shark Lift-Away Pro-Steam Pocket Mop S3973D

Last but not least in this list, is the Shark Lift-Away Pro-Steam Pocket Mop S3973D. This one here is specialized in cleaning up floors; so it can’t do double duty on cleaning carpets or rugs, but still it does its job perfectly.

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While most use steam mops; the S397D uses dual-sided dirt grip pads which can absorb water better than the other options in this list. It also has an incorporated steam blaster which is useful against the worst and most stubborn stains as it loosens their grip effectively. While it cannot do cleaning duty on carpets or rugs as said earlier; it can double as a counter and curtain cleaner; with the simple use of a quick-release button; it can be converted into a hand-held steamer to do that job.

It also has multiple steam settings which you can adjust depending on your cleaning needs. Last but not least; this steam mop is easy to transfer around the household; you can be at the site that needs cleaning in a flash!

#4. Light n’ Easy Steam Mop Floor Steamer with Multi-functional Garment Steaming/All-in-1 

Light n’ Easy takes another spot in this list but this time with a twist; introducing their Mop Floor Steam with Multi-function Garment Steaming & All-in-1 cleaning for hardwood, tile & laminate surfaces.

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This is one here is more than just a Steam Mop meant to clean up the mentioned surfaces with sheer efficiency; it also doubles as the following: first, it is capable of functioning as a Sofa Cloth fresher to make your sofa in the living room become clean like it is brand new, and also a Garment Steamer wherein you can say goodbye in an instant to the wrinkles on fabrics and clothing.

It also functions as a hand-held Steam Cleaner for steel surfaces wherein the steam is capable of loosening the grip of grime, oil, and filth on metal surfaces such as the dish sink for instance.

The steam mop also hosts a smart steam setting feature; you can choose between high, medium or low settings depending on your cleaning needs. It also sports a Smart Sensor wherein if the mop stands upright; it shuts down and if the handle is tilted; then the mop starts to function.

As for the hand-held steamer; placing your thumb on the sensor means “Start Steaming” and if you remove your thumb from the sensor’s area; it automatically stops. As said again; this steam mop is another recommended option coming from Light n’ Easy.

#5. Light n’ Easy Steam Mop Floor Steamer S3101 with Swivel Steam Mop Heads

Once again, Light n’ Easy takes another spot in the list. This time it’s the 3101 Steam Mop. Its main edge is that this one is very portable and can be easily transported around the household as the 3101 is light compared to most Steam Mops.

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With the help of its instant heating features; the work begins within 20 seconds and the floor is dried in less than a minute! This means you can say goodbye to stains such as coffee spills, egg stains, grease and much more unsightly mess on the floor almost in an instant.

Just like every Steam Mop; it is also child and pet-safe as they don’t need any use of cleaning chemicals or agents. It is also capable of cleaning up other surfaces outside of laminated floors; this one caters also to hardwood, ceramic, marble and linoleum surfaces. Overall, another solid option for a Steam Mop coming from Light n’ Easy.

What’s a Steam Mop?

A Steam mop is a mop that uses steam to clean both floors and carpets. Unlike the standard mop which requires cleaning agents such as soaps, detergents and even bleaches; the Steam mop relies on the heat emitted by the steam to clear and disinfect floors and carpets.

Often the steam mops possess a microfibre pad beneath the steam jet so that it can trap dirt. Steam mops tend to also have a small water tank wherein they are the source of dry steam.

Advantages in using a steam mop to clean laminated floors

The perk of utilizing a steam mop in cleaning laminated floors is its quick and efficient way of cleaning up dirt. Unlike standard mops which require a bucket and squeezing out the water at certain points; steam mops only utilize high temperature and a bit of water wherein the emitted steam can loosen the grip of dirt and bacteria on the floor; and at the same time; killing the microorganisms present on the laminated floor.

Not only it is a quicker, efficient and convenient way of cleaning up your laminated floor; also a more sanitary one since it leaves little to no bacteria left.

Can I clean my laminate floor with a steam mop?

You can clean with a steam mop, but you need to do some preparations prior to mopping. For a start, use a soft indoor brush to sweep the floor and make sure that it is clear of any debris.

Once that’s done you need to set up the right levels of water and steam settings for the Steam Mop of your choice so that the laminated floor won’t absorb any excess moisture that would seep into the crack and crevices of the floor. Also, set it up with the right cleaning setting such as an ideal scrubbing setting if you’re dealing with surfaces with in-ground dirt.

Don’t forget to put a bit of water into the mop and follow the instructions and wait for it to reach the ideal temperature. For cleaning strategies; it is ideal you clean in small sections and do the same as you would use a standard mop, but check if the mop head has any debris at a regular basis.

Another good strategy to use is to mop along; not against the panels to minimize any water or moisture seeping into the cracks or crevices of the laminated floor. While laminated floors are highly resistant to wear and tear; liquid is its primary weakness. Use fair amounts of water and the right temperatures; your laminated floor will be clean and shiny in a small matter of time while looking dry at the same time. Also, since you are using a Steam mop; you don’t need to use any cleaning liquids, sprays or chemicals.

So to answer the question if it’s possible to clean your laminated floor with a steam mop; Yes, you can but, you have to be very careful and to choose one that you can set up mop’s steam level to low to avoid the excess of water.

Nowadays are very good steam mops that you can modify the steam and water settings. Find the one that delivers the lowest temperature and leaves behind the least amount of water. Check out one with adjustable steam control that doesn’t get too hot.

How to choose the best steam mop for laminate floors?

If you’re looking for the best steam mops for laminated floors in existence, then there are some factors for you to consider.

First off, always do your research first on the products that you will aim to buy before purchasing.

Second, the most ideal steam mop for laminated floors tends to need the capability to multitask so you can eliminate the need of using separate tools for cleaning the laminated floor.

Third, is that the best steam mop must have the capability to customize steam output for the floor that you will mop because the right conditions mean that your floor, in the end, will be squeaky clean but also will dry up in a small of a matter of time. Also, there are specific settings required depending on the surface that you’re cleaning.

Fourth, find a Steam mop that has the right cord length; preferably one with a long length so that you can clean up a large space, but if your home has smaller spaces then opt for one with a fair cord length.

Fifth, try looking for a steam mop that has a landing pad or tray. Often these are included with the steam mop; since the landing pad or tray is crucial in heating up or cooling down the mop or catching any drops of water that would drip out of it.

Also, last but not least is to look for a mop that’s capable of standing upright on its own; that way you can avoid the instances of accidentally tripping on it whenever it is either heating up or cooling down. With this covered up; let’s proceed to the best choice Steam Mops, shall we?

Finally, we have reached the end of this very article; since we’ve covered everything about Steam Mops and get to know some of the recommended choices, all I can say to you at this point is good luck finding that Steam Mop of your choice; that way you can finally clean your laminated floors with quick efficiency and maximum cleanliness.

Bear in mind that you must consider the criteria in buying the right Steam Mop before getting one for your household so that you can enjoy its benefits to its maximum.

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