Best Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners, abbreviated as PACs, are ideal cooling equipment for small rooms. The best portable air conditioners will support less overheating, ventilation, and the air conditioning system that is in place. They are individually contained systems whose capacity facilitates cooling bedrooms, living rooms, study areas, and garages.

We have provided below a curated list of the best portable air conditioners available in the market today. These PACs can be bought online at the comfort of your home. Once delivered at your doorstep, setting them up is easy. The warm air extracted from your interior spaces needs to be forcefully expelled for their efficient operation. Few variants from the best portable air conditioners vent out the heated air through your ceiling, as well.

#1 LG LP1419IVSM

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The power rating of this portable air conditioner is 14,000 BTU. This model is capable of cooling the right amount of area effectively. The PAC has an excellent current rating, as well.

This equipment does not take much time to cool your room. It has a modern and sleek design that allows it to fit into any constrained space. Care should be taken to use it as continuous usage efficiently might increase your electricity expenses.



  • Low energy efficiency
  • No automatic evaporating function
  • Heavy unit

#2 Honeywell HL09CESWK

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This portable air conditioner holds up to its bargain of being an easy-to-move electrical appliance. This portable air conditioner is the lightest one of the lot that we reviewed.

Owing to its lightweight body, this portable air conditioner can be easily moved around in your home or office. This model is best suited for semi-arid regions with low to moderate summers.

The operation of this model is on the quieter side. This portable air conditioner does not consume much power to operate and is energy-efficient. This model is one of the best portable air conditioners since it comes out to be an all-rounder.


  • Decent Value for money
  • Energy efficient
  • Extremely portable
  • Perfect for small rooms, up to 170 sq. feet


  • Noisy after prolonged use
  • Low effectiveness as a lot of other models in this price range gives a better cooling performance

#3 Black & Decker BPACT14HWT

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This portable air conditioner has the most conservative dimensions among the lot on this list. It is ideal for cooling smaller rooms and small offices. The distribution of cold air is well-managed in this portable air conditioner. There is no need to drain the condensate under typical situations.


  • Good performance
  • Excellent portability
  • Sleek design
  • Comes with multiple functions
  • Easier installation


  • Expensive for the Value offered
  • Greater noise levels
  • Requires frequent upkeep and maintenance

#4 Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

[earnist ref=”whynter-elite-arc-122ds-12000″ id=”2243″]

Just because it has a dual hose facility and a near-perfect cooling engine gets this portable air conditioner our favorite award. This portable air conditioner is very easy to move around and is perfect for hotter climates.

This unit performed efficiently than most of its competitors for a prolonged duration. This portable air conditioner gives a quieter operation as well. However, the unit forces one to shell out a few extra bucks to get all that Value for money.


  • Better cooling performance
  • Suitable for hot climate
  • Comes with double hoses
  • Offers multiple modes of operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Level of portability is commendable


  • Expensive option
  • More area required for installation of the hosepipe

#5 Frigidaire FGPC1244T1

[earnist ref=”frigidaire-12000-btu-cool-conn” id=”2245″]

This portable air conditioner is the most expensive one among its contenders. This unit can quickly cool a room of area up to 600 sq — feet in a short time. The unit is energy efficient and does not burn a hole in your pocket, in terms of electricity expenses. It offers quieter operation as well.

This portable air conditioner consists of washable filters and ionizers inbuilt. However, the model is not without its flaws. This portable air conditioner is heavy and might require the assistance of two persons to move around comfortably.

Despite its minor shortcomings, the manufacturer of this portable air conditioner gives a 5-year warranty for the unit.


  • Installation is easy and hassle-free
  • Operation is simple
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Unique design
  • Comes in a sleek form factor
  • Remote service possible via a smartphone application
  • Comes with multiple modes of operation
  • Excellent performance for the money spent
  • Superior quality components used in this model
  • Energy-efficient model


  • Expensive proposition
  • Heavy unit

How To Determine The Portable Air Conditioning Requirement For Your Room

#1 Area of The Space

The area of your room is the crucial factor to consider while choosing the best portable air conditioner. The power measurement of your PAC is done in British Thermal Unit or kW, depending on the state or country you live in.

For smaller rooms, portable air conditioners with power ratings between 1 and 2 kW would be adequate. For medium rooms, PACs with power ratings between 3 and 5 kW would be sufficient. For larger rooms, portable air conditioners with a power rating of more than 5 kW suit best.

#2 Ambient Temperature

Depending on the average seasonal temperature of your location, the temperature requirement from a portable air conditioner would vary. For colder climates, lower kW or BTU should suffice.

On the contrary, if your house or dwelling-space is in a hot area, the cooling requirement and in lieu, the power rating of your portable air conditioner would go up. It is also true when there is much heat-emitting equipment in your vicinity, or the room you live in faces the direct sun.

#3 Possibility of Increasing The Length Of The Hose

The default-manufactured dimensions of your portable air conditioner should never be tampered with. Each electrical appliance, especially air conditioners, are given a rating by the electricity board based on its power consumption.

Their physical dimensions play an important role by keeping this in check. Altering the dimensions of your unit’s exhaust pipe will revoke the manufacturer warranty of your portable air conditioner that will prevent you from getting a trustworthy service later on.

#4 Noise Level Requirement

The noise level from electrical appliances is measured in decibels (dB). In earlier times, air conditioners used to produce a loud noise when they were in operation. With the advancement in technology, quieter models became the norm.

Depending on the positioning of your portable air conditioners, such as in your bedroom or your study, quitter models should be selected. In case the unit goes in your office room, investing in a super-quiet portable air conditioner will increase productivity during the work hours.

#5 Size of The Unit

You can find a small portable air conditioner without compromising on the air output. It is a healthy practice to balance the power and size rating while choosing from the best portable air conditioners. Our verdict takes into account the size of the portable air conditioners that make it to the list.

  • Is it safe to expel the hot air manually?

The best portable air conditioners come with in-kit accessories that enable easy venting-out of the hot air exhaust from the unit. It is safe to expel the air out through your sliding glass panes manually.

The procedure elicits some kind of technical knowledge and experience. Luckily, there are several do-it-yourself guides for making this process easier. For efficient and long-term usage, it is recommended to utilize at least two kits screwed together.

Ensuring no amount of fresh air escapes through the crevices can be done using hard-plastic or insulation paper. Usually, detailed manuals will be provided along with the portable air conditioner units that make the ordeal easier.

  • High load risk

Depending on the area you live in, the maximum power output from your electrical sockets vary. For example, in the US, the maximum power output from a household electrical socket is 120 V.

However, in Asian countries such as India, it is 230 V. One should always ensure not to connect their portable air conditioner to an extension boards because the input power requirement is significantly lower in this scenario.

Power sockets are to be utilized for connecting the PACs as they provide adequate power requirements.

Portable Air Conditioner For One Room Or Multiple Rooms

The answer to this depends on the layout of your area. In case, the adjacent rooms are unobstructed with walls, and it becomes possible for the individual portable air conditioner to cool the entire area with some effectiveness. Another alternative to maximize the efficiency of your portable air conditioner is to supplement it with fans.

Classification Of Portable Air Conditioners According To The Number Of Hoses

Based on the number of exhaust hoses that come with the best portable air conditioners, there are two types

  • Single Hose PACs
  • Dual Hose PACs

A portable air conditioner with a single hose tends to create minus pressure inside the area of its operation. It is due to the mechanism of its action, which involves the intake of ambient hot air, subsequent cooling, and directing the cold air to the area.

There is a slight chance that with the prolonged operation, such models would get withered and less efficient. Mandatory services carried out frequently after the summer season gets this issue sorted.

The other kind, those portable air conditioners with two hoses, resolves the issue of minus pressure inside the area with the addition of a secondary tube for expelling the processed air.

They have dedicated hoses for hot air intake and processed-air exhaust. This type of portable air conditioner gives a tension-free operation and is recommended for long-term use.

Final Opinion

Single hose portable air conditioners are proposed to be the best bet for temporary cooling needs. These types of portable air conditioners utilize air that the unit conditions to send outside. Hot air from outside is sucked in to compensate for the air exhaust.

There is a chance of developing negative pressure within the area. It is not a recommended practice for prolonged usage. On a medium-hot summer day, single hose portable air conditioners work like a charm. But this holds as a one-off case.

When the performance of different portable air conditioners is analyzed by measuring the heat graphs, for different use-cases, double hose portable air conditioners are the best bet for a year-on-year usage.

When you have decided to buy the best portable air conditioner for a room in your home or office, you need to calculate, beforehand, the total requirement of heat load in your area.

There are many free calculators available online that let you calculate this metric. Once you have found the number, it is just a matter of comparing with the cost-efficient option before you select the best portable air conditioners.

The performance of a portable air conditioner also depends on the choice of material used to build its internal components.

Cheap quality components, sometimes, make it easier to market portable air conditioners in a more reasonable value proposition. One should do thorough market research on the different models available, before spending their resources on one. It is worthwhile if you go with trusted brands who have a track record of delivering the best portable air conditioners consistently.

Smart control options are the latest trend in accessorizing portable air conditioners. With the advent of smartphones, 5G, and IoT (Internet of Things), the seamless integration of your portable air conditioner with your smartphone lets you control your appliances remotely, to increase the quality of living.

All the best

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