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Carpenters, artisans, service providers, and contractors can finish-off their carpentry, electrical, wall hangings, and other types of works within the stipulated time only when they carry the best impact drivers that comes with robust features and best quality. You will suffer from confusion while selecting the best handheld tools since there are lots of products that are flooding in the market.

It is imperative to note that there are ergonomically designed power tools that can be easily carried in hand, vehicles, and other transport systems and used immediately in the work spot.

If you are a cost and quality conscious buyer, then diligently look for products that come within your budget and match your exact requirements.

Usually, customers have the habit of buying power tools without exploring the descriptions, warranties, features, and other information and ultimate lose their hard-earned money on inferior quality tools.

This is not the right practice since there are online tools and websites which can help and guide you while buying the best power and handheld tools.

The Best Impact Drivers is a motorized handheld drilling device which is used to fasten and unfasten the screws and bolts. Service providers like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, home, and business improvement professionals use these types of drivers.

You can fasten long screws and bolts hassle-free and complete your task quickly. Buyers can unscrew over-torqued screws within minutes when they use the above tool. One can carry impact driver in his toolbox and use this tool in complicated refurbishment projects hassle-free.

What to Look for While Buying Impact Drivers

If you are desirous to buy the best impact drivers from reliable online or offline shops, the first and foremost thing which you have to do is explore its features, prices, warranty, shipping methods, and so on. Some of the essential factors that you should take into consideration before buying impact driver are:

#1 Technology and Ergonomics

Modern-day handheld tools that are popular among buyers come with cutting edge technology and creating a significant impact on society. Compare the technology that is ingrained in the handheld tools and also give due consideration to the design aspect. Look whether the products are ergonomically designed.

#2 RPM

If you are a service provider who accepts heavy-duty electrical, carpentry, plumbing, home, and office improvement jobs, it is always better to use the best impact drivers, which comes with higher RPMs. You will be able to finish off the allotted refurbishment tasks quickly only when you use the driver which comes with the best RPMs.

#3 Size and Measurements

Aesthetically designed impact drivers come in various sizes, colors, and measurements. If you are involved in major home improvement works, purchase bigger models that can quickly tighten or untighten the screws instantly.

#4 Power Unit

Drilling tools like Best Impact Drivers will consume maximum energy when it is used continuously for hours. Hence, you have to inspect the power unit before taking the next step since voltage consumption plays an important role.

#5 Weight of The Units

The weight of the power tools varies from one impact driver to the other. A heavyweight impact driver can work for several years without damage or destruction. These types of devices can be used for heavy-duty works.

#6 Accessories and Spares

If you are buying Best Impact Drivers from reputed companies or sellers, they will provide the best accessories and spares along with the tools which will be of use to you. Take a look at the spares before ordering the product from the shop.

#7 Inspect the Components

You should inspect the needle, batteries, handle, LED lights, handle, materials that are used, dimensions, weight, and model number before buying the impact driver.

Following is the comparison chart of the Top eight best impact drivers that are ruling the market.

#1 DEWALT DCF885C1 20V max* 1/4″

[earnist ref=”dewalt-20v-max-impact-driver-k-2″ id=”2106″]

This impact driver, which is widely popular, comes with lots of advanced features and can be used roughly by customers for several years. It is not only ergonomically designed but is also affordably priced. It comes with three years of product warranty and unmatched quality. Explore the tutorial videos for a better understanding of the products.


  • Users can finish off the drilling task quickly since it is easy to carry
  • Designed intelligently with rich features it can withstand rough usage


  • Costlier than ordinary manual drillers
  • May not be suitable for handymen


Buying a toolkit that has plenty of drillers, hammers, screws, nails, and drivers is the right decision since it can help you during shifting, renovation, and refurbishment. Start using this driver, which comes with the best quality.

#2 DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit, 1/4-Inch (DCF885C1)

[earnist ref=”dewalt-20v-max-impact-driver-k-3″ id=”2111″]

Impact drivers are commonly used by skilled manual laborers that work in refurbishing, home improvement, and carpentry. If you are an experienced, skilled worker, you should start using this famous impact driver kit, which comes with lots of interesting components and accessories. You can easily store the driver along with other accessories inside the kit and carry it to the work spot immediately.


  • A valuable tool for service providers that are involved in refurbishing and home improvement jobs.
  • Stylish and appealing looks makes this product a showstopper


  • Costlier than traditional models
  • Users have to recharge the tool regularly


Laborers and others that are involved in construction, civil engineering, home remodeling, and renovations will benefit a lot when they use products like drillers and drivers. This spectacular drilling tool will be of use during such renovation works.

#3 Makita XDT131 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit (3.0Ah)

[earnist ref=”makita-xdt131-18v-lxt-lithium” id=”2114″]

This powerful tool, which is with aesthetic features, is one of the top sellers. You can conserve maximum time and energy while fastening the screws, nails, and bolts when you start using this excellent product, which is getting the best reviews. You can adjust the speed since it comes with adjustable features. The battery will get charged with thirty minutes, and you can start using the tool quickly after it gets recharged.


  • Suitable for artisans, workers, and others that are actively involved in technical works.
  • Users can carry this product anywhere and start their work immediately.


  • The cost price of this product will be slightly higher than the manual ones
  • Might not be useful for all types of service providers


It is always better to use high quality and branded drivers like the ones which are shown above since you can hasten screws and bolts within minutes and finish off your projects quickly.

#4 DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver Kit, Brushless, 3-Speed, 1/4-Inch, tool Only

[earnist ref=”dewalt-20v-max-xr-impact-drive” id=”2116″]

If you are struggling with old and outdated power tools, decide to discard them and buy this product, which is manufactured with utmost perfection. This easy to use product which comes with the best quality and standard is a top seller. You can hold this tool easily and fasten the screws within seconds hassle-free. Built ergonomically, this largest-selling driver is priced cheaply.


  • Built this product ergonomically comes with versatile features. Carrying this product to the workplace is much more comfortable.
  • Users can commence their work and finish screwing of nails quickly.


  • Might not be a good fit for handymen who carry minimal tools
  • Bit costlier from traditional products that are sold in the market.


Professional carpenters, handymen, and others that are involved in various types of civil engineering or repairing projects can remove nails, screws, bolts, and other sharp objects quickly from the walls when they use this product.

#5 DEWALT DCF787C1 Cordless Impact Driver Kit

[earnist ref=”dewalt-dcf787c1-cordless-impac” id=”2119″]

Artisans, plumbers, and others that are keen to discard their old driver kit can choose the superior product, which stands aloft in quality and features. You can expect a three-year product warranty, exemplary performances, and durability. You can achieve better balance and control when you use this kit. Also, gain enhanced visibility by using onboard lights.


  • Users can easily hold this device easily and work for hours on the site.
  • Service providers can even continue their works in the night times since it has LED lights
  • Safe and secure to use


  • This driver may not be suitable for handymen
  • Some accessories which are supplied along with the kit may not be useful


Removing screws, nails, and drilling on the walls is always a complicated process. You can easily simplify this process when you start using the above product.

#6 BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit (BDCI20C)

[earnist ref=”blackdecker-20v-max-impact-dri” id=”2121″]

This black color handheld device, which comes with exemplary features, excels in all parameters. Built with hex color ¼” chuck and max torque, this product will match the expectations of the buyers. Commoners can easily buy this product since it is priced nominally. The screwdriver kit is also included in it.


  • Users can continuously fasten the screws hassle-free
  • Easy to handle and safe to use
  • Designed ergonomically with rich features


  • Product may not be suitable for small traders or handymen
  • Costlier than manual drillers


Drilling holes on the walls or extracting strong nails is a complicated task. One can quickly drill holes on the wall or remove a bunch of screws from it when they use the above product.

#7 Dewalt DCF887B 20-Volt MAX XR Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless 3-Speed 1/4 Inch

[earnist ref=”dewalt-dcf887b-20-volt-max-xr” id=”2124″]

If you are keen to purchase a unique tool kit that is priced cheaply, then this product will meet your exact requirements and expectations. Thousands of customers that specialize in home and office refurbishment are using this product. It has 3-speed settings for versatility with Precision Drive for added control. It also has 1-handed loading 1/4 in. Hex chuck effortlessly with the easy-grip sleeve.


  • users can expect stellar performance
  • Anyone can handle this product easily during screw extractions


  • Bit costlier compared to manual drillers
  • Not a good fit for handymen or small traders


Plumbers, electricians, and others who are involved in varieties of civil projects can extract hundreds of nails within minutes and complete the assigned projects when they use the above product.

#8 DEWALT DCF885B 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch

[earnist ref=”dewalt-dcf885b-20-volt-max-lit” id=”2128″]

This driver tool kit, which is designed intelligently, has lots of useful accessories and components. Service professionals can easily remove the driver from the kit and use it immediately. It has one-handed ¼” hex chuck and built compactly for easy usage.


  • Buyers can use this product continuously and hasten hundreds of screws
  • Transporting the product from one place to another is easy


  • Slightly costlier than standard drilling equipment
  • All the accessories that are supplied along with the kit may not be used

More Pointers to Consider Before Buying Drilling Devices

Handheld devices like drillers, impact drivers, screwdrivers, testers, and so on are becoming some of the most sought-after products since it simplifies the works of the workers to a great extent. Always apply your mind and do some decent research and survey before buying the latest drilling tools.

There are online shops and electrical companies which sell inferior quality handheld tools at higher prices. You may fall prey to their marketing tactics and pressures and lose your hard-earned money within minutes. So, stay away from these types of shops that sell worthless tools and choose the reputed eCommerce or online shops which are getting five-star reviews, ratings, and best reputation.

Following are the pointers that you should take into account before buying handheld tools from the market:

#1 Explore the Market Thoroughly

Automated handheld tools like drillers and drivers see big sales, and this demand will only continue in the future. You will be able to filter some of the best shops that sell varieties of high-quality tools at lower prices when you do exploratory works. Compare the prices and select the products that meet your exact requirements.

#2 Ask for Sample Before Buying the Original Stock

It is always better to test the sample before buying the original drivers. Through this method, you will get a better insight into the quality, strength, features, and aesthetics of handheld devices.

#3 Cross-Check with Competitors

There is head-on competition between sellers, and plenty of sellers are offering significant discounts, deals, and coupons on various handheld devices. You can cross-check and take the next decision after getting product details from all the shops.

All the best
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