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Best Garment SteamerYou have come to the right place. Here you will find unbiased reviews on the top rated and the best garment steamer. We also have a handful of helpful guides and tips to help you find the best one that suits your needs and your budget.

Garment steamers are the best appliances for getting professional results on your fabrics, instantaneously. They keep the fabrics fresh and as good as new. Here are the best garment steamers of 2017, as recommended by experts, along with their detailed description to help you decide the best one for yourself.

Best Garment Steamers – 2017 Our Top Picks!

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Top Pick: Jiffy J-4000I

This garment steamer is the leading commercial steamer in the market and is among the best garment steamers of 2017 on the list. It is durable and intended for heavy-duty work.

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Low Budget: Rowenta IS9200

The model is Rowenta’s first commercial garment steamer. Due to its changeable steam-control and high-productivity, this steamer is well-renowned.

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Best Garment Steamer 2017 – Comparison Table!

Jiffy J-4000I-1330 27.7 Pounds4.0Buy now at Amazon
Rowenta IS9200 21 Pounds4.5Buy now at Amazon
Singer Pro 1500 Watts 13.8 Pounds4.8Buy now at Amazon
Rowenta IS6200 14.9 Pounds4.5Buy now at Amazon
Steamfast SF-623BK 15.8 Pounds4.0Buy now at Amazon
Jiffy J-2000I 19 Pounds4.8Buy now at Amazon
Epica 800 Watt 2.1 Pounds4.0Buy now at Amazon
Conair GS23 Extreme 3 Pounds4.5Buy now at Amazon
Ultra Mini Travel 1 Pounds3.8Buy now at Amazon
Steamfast SF-435 1.5 Pounds4.5Buy now at Amazon

Best Garment Steamers – Our Top Picks

If you’re in a hurry and want to cut right to the chase, you can dive into our reviews of the best garment steamers or start shopping right away.

#1 Jiffy Steamer J – 4000I – 1330 Pro-Line Multipurpose Steamer

jiffy j4000i steamer reviewJiffy J-4000I multipurpose steamer is a powerful, ingenious and durable steamer. It features a stainless steel chamber inside and a tough die-cast aluminum surface outside. The features offered by this steamer make it the best garment steamer of 2017.

Features and Pros:

The 1500 watts heating system is devised with superalloy to make it resistant to corrosion. There is a function for preheating and controlling the flow of the steam. The water reservoir can contain 1 gallon of water that lasts for a period of 2 hours.

The product comes with plenty of accessories such as a 7.5-foot flexible drapery hose, a 12-inch steam head for carpets, a metal steam head that is 6 inches wide, and the like.


Since the steam lasts for more amount of time than any other steamer offers, the water in the reservoir requires 15 minutes for preheating and another 5 minutes for the steam generation. The product is also a little higher on the price point. The hose of the garment steamer is only 5.5 foot long.


Despite the shortcomings, the product manages to land itself on the top of the list as the best garment steamer of 2017 because of the powerful features of the appliance that overshadow the flaws of the product. The appliance offers a very powerful steam flow. Moreover, the product comes with a limited warranty of one year.

#2 Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Commercial Garment Steamer

rowenta is9200 reviewAs mentioned above, IS9200 is Rowenta’s first commercial garment steamer that offers variable control of steam flow with high productivity. Rowenta is a trusted brand for commercial irons and it maintains its quality in this steamer as well. Therefore, it is the best garment steamer of 2017.

Features and Pros:

The product offers 1550 watts of power that influences the generation of steam and the appliance’s productivity. It allows you to adjust the steam-flow according to your fabric.

The tilt on the steamer resembles the suitcases and the roll feature allows you to transport and store the steamer anywhere.

The garment steamer is capable of generating powerful steam in just 60 seconds. The water reservoir can contain a gallon of water that lasts for about 2.5 hours. The system shuts itself down, automatically, if the reservoir gets empty.


The unit is pricier than most in the market. The product may also leave a certain amount of spots of water, certainly higher than other garment steamers. Leakage from the water tank can be experienced.


The garment steamer is easy-to-use and sturdy. However, the aspect of the leakage of the product is what sets the product in the back seat. Despite that, the product has many remarkable qualities that may influence your purchase, which is why it is one of the best garment steamers of 2017.

#3 Singer SteamWorks Pro 1500 Watts Garment and Fabric Steamer

singer steamworks pro 1500 watt reviewSinger SteamWorks can carry out more than the usual steaming tasks. It is one of the cheapest commercial best garment steamers that are perfect for commercial as well as home use. It can perform optimally with all kinds of fabrics and is intended for light as well as heavy-duty work.

Features and Pros:

The appliance has a 1500 watt power supply for high production of steam. This power supply can be adjusted for different types of fabrics.

The easy-fill, large, removable water reservoir can hold 2.5 liters of water and provide steam for full 90 minutes. The appliance requires about 45 seconds for the steam build-up.

To reduce the risks of burns, the hose of the garment steamer is covered with fabric. The machine also reduces risks by automatically shutting off, if the appliance is left unattended. The product also comes with a limited warranty of 2 years.


The hose of the garment steamer is too short so it cannot reach everywhere. It does not come with a drapery hose. In addition, it has been found that the flow of the steam is not consistent. The head of steam is small and its handle tends to get hot.


The appliance comes with a number of accessories that make the steaming sessions less complicated. Although the steam handle gets hot, included in the accessories is a pair of protective gloves that prevent injuries. The device is easy to use and is quite durable. Moreover, it does not go heavy on the pocket thus; this model is featured in the list of best garment steamers of 2017.

#4 Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer

rowenta is6200 reviewSimilar to Rowenta IS9200, IS6200 has an easy-to-transport roll feature. The unit is not as powerful as IS9200; however, it offers features that make it a great commercial as well as home operating steamer. The tilt of IS6200 is also suitcase-inspired.

Features and Pros:

The product comes with a 1500 watt of power. This ensures high-output of the appliance. The head of the steamer is large, which ensures faster removal of wrinkles and creases from the fabrics.

The water reservoir of the garment steamer is transparent and can hold up to 81 ounces of water. The steam generated with this water lasts for one hour. The garment steamer is lightweight.

The product comes with three accessories namely, one crease attachment for pants, one lint pad, and one fabric brush.


The handle tends to get hot and so does the power cord. The hose of the steamer is short and it has been found to sputter water on the clothes.


IS6200 is a full-size garment steamer that works great with all kinds of fabrics. The performance of the product is uncompromised and so is its quality. If caution is exercised with the handle and the power cord, this appliance could prove to be just the thing for you.

#5 Steamfast SF-623BK Mid-size Fabric Steam Press

Steamfast SF-623BK ReviewSF-623BK is ideal for tailors and small businesses. It delivers dry-cleaning results sans the use of chemicals. With the use of this appliance, you can smoothly get your clothes crisped within a few seconds.

Features and Pros:

SF-623BK deodorizes the fabrics and eliminates the wrinkles with the help of steam, without using any dry-cleaning chemicals. It is capable of reducing the iron time by up to 50%. The distribution of the heat takes place evenly on the surface and crisps up the clothes in seconds.

The pressing plate is made up of non-stick stainless steel, therefore; it reduces the risk of rusts and getting corroded. It gets shut off automatically to avoid overheating and other risks.

It can hold 13 ounces of water. The power supply to this machine is of 1500 watts. For steaming, there are two dry settings as well as 3 heat settings offered. The appliance also comes with a limited warranty of one year.


The ironing pad that comes along with this appliance is short in length and width so the steaming process may become a little complex. The device also fails to perform excellently on collars, unlike otherwise. The water reservoir tank is smaller in comparison to the other reservoirs in the market.


The water reservoir may be relatively small, however; the pressing surface of the steamer is seven times larger than any other conventional steamer in the market. The steamer also comes with 38 steam jets. Based on these features, it can be concluded that it is one of the best garment steamers of 2017.

#6 Jiffy J-2000I Mid-size Multipurpose Garment Steamer

Jiffy J-2000I ReviewThe list cannot be completed without including Jiffy’s garment steamers. Jiffy is well-known for producing some of the best steamers in the market. Similar to the first choice on the list, Jiffy J-2000I is also a multipurpose steamer. It is durable and undoubtedly one of the best garment steamers of 2017.

Features and Pros:

The appliance offers a powerful 1300 watt of the heating system. The heating element is made up of solid brass. The water reservoir can contain around ¾ gallon of water that lasts for 1.5 hours. The steam generation is ultra-fast and builds up in just a couple of minutes. The reservoir also has a no-spill check cap.

The outer surface of the steamer is made of LEXAN, which ensures the product’s durability. There is a function of automatic shutting-off for added safety.

The temperature wiring is color coded. It is heavy duty equipment. It comes along with a number of accessories. There is the continuous and powerful emission of steam from the garment steamer.


The metal head feels heavy if used for a longer period of time. Moreover, the metal screws attached to the wooden handle can cause burns. Also, the hose of the garment steamer should be a little longer for ensuring ease of use.


J-2000I offers all the features that J-4000I does. It is made of all-brass couplings, which means the device is long-lasting and robust. It can be stored away easily. If the minor, negligible flaws are overlooked, J-2000I would turn out to be one of the best garment steamers of 2017.

#7 Epica 800 Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer

Epica 800 Watt ReviewEpica 800 watt garment steamer has a feature of adjusting itself to the fabric. It is lightweight and generates steam sooner than most other steamers in the market. It is the best handheld garment steamer of 2017 and that is why it is the first one on the list under best handheld steamers.

Features and Pros:

The garment steamer offers a powerful 800-watt heating system. This feature allows continuous flow of steam from the steamer. It comes with an easy fill water reservoir. This water reservoir can store 7 ounces of water. The water can be used as steam for full 23 minutes.

The generation of the steam takes just a couple of minutes. The device is best suited for traveling and is in fact, among the best travel steamers. This handheld steamer comes with an on and off switch for supervising control over the steam flow.


The only flaw that could be found was that the water reservoir cannot be removed for filling. This feature can be found in most other handheld steamers.


The steamer comes with a couple of helpful attachments; one fabric brush and one lint remover, to be precise. The steamer is compact, lightweight and is ideal for tours and journeys. Although the water reservoir is smaller than most other steamers in the market, it provides a long steaming session.

#8 Conair GS23 Extreme Steam Handheld Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat

Conair GS23 ReviewThis steamer is among the few that offer dual heating system. The settings for this system can be adjusted according to the fabric. It is compact, powerful and convenient to use for getting expert results at home.

Features and Pros:

The product comes with 1200 watt of power, which is not easily found in handheld steamers. The steamer is heavy on drapes and carpets and light on delicate fabrics like silk. The dual heat settings are 305 ∞F for heavy fabrics and 200 ∞F for delicate ones.

The steam requires less than a minute to build up, which is 30% hotter and can last for full 15 minutes. It also has an energy saving pause function.


There are no instructions manual for using the attachments. It can leak when used in any position other than upright.


Conair Extreme Steam is easy to use and lightweight. It heats up in a few seconds and thus, is one of the best garment steamers. It is easy to handle and comes with several accessories like one fabric brush, one soft cushion brush, and one creaser. Therefore, there are more reasons to buy this equipment than not buying.

#9 Ultra Mini Travel Fabric Steamer

Ultra Mini Travel Fabric ReviewUltra mini is an awesome travel comrade that is compact and works with all kinds of fabrics equally well. Powerful steam flow is emitted from the appliance for better results.

Features and Pros:

The handheld offers 850 watts of power and consistent steam flow. The product comes with 5 steam heads that are interchangeable for every garment. The product is lightweight and sleek.

The easy-to-fill water reservoir can hold 5 ounces of water that gives a long steaming session. The steamer works on tap water. The steam builds up in only a few seconds and is a faster than ironing.


The appliance should be held only vertically to avoid leakage. It does not feature an auto shut-off feature so must be manually turned off to avoid overheating of the plastic.


There is no doubt that this steamer is among the best garment steamers of 2017. The compact design allows easy maneuver. The accessories that the product comes with such as the 5 interchangeable steam heads and one plastic drawstring travel bag simplify your steaming sessions.

#10 Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer

Steamfast SF-435 ReviewIt is among the smallest and most portable handheld garment steamers. This appliance can be used on both heavy and delicate fabrics. Because of its unique characteristics, it makes it easy for you to use it at home as well as while traveling.

Features and Pros:

SF-435 comes with 800 watts of power. The steamer is more efficient with fabrics than iron and can be taken and used anywhere.

The water reservoir can hold 7 ounces of water and can produce steam that can last for full 12 minutes. The water heats up in seconds and the steamer has a long cord for easy movement.


The appliance may not work on heavy fabrics as finely as it would on delicate fabrics. It may sputter water and leak if not used in an upright position. Additionally, the steam does not last relatively longer.


It comes with three accessories; one lint remover, one fabric brush and one rubber accessory housing. Since it is compact, it can be stored anywhere and carried even in a small bag. It is great for quick steam-pressing and ideal for households. 

How to Choose the Best Garment Steamer?

best garment steamer handheld

Before buying a garment steamer, make sure it satisfies all or most of your steaming needs. There are three things you must primarily consider; performance, accessories, and price.


An ideal steamer should be able to contain the decent amount of water. It should be able to convert the water into steam in no more than a couple of minutes. This steam should last for at least 15 minutes. The water in the best steamers can last for as long as 2.5 hours. The larger the reservoir, the less often you have to refill your appliance. Your steamer should also offer you certain ease of use according to your preferences.


Accessories make steaming more convenient for the user. The more the accessories, the less complicated the usage. Some of the essential accessories are pole hanger, interchangeable steam heads, clips and nozzles, and the like. The best garment steamers provide plenty of accessories with the steamers for the users. They help to make the most of the steamer and acknowledge its resourcefulness.


It’s not necessary for a good steamer to be an expensive unit. It can be economical and energy-saving. According to your usage, set a price limit for yourself. The price of the steamer depends on the size and utility of the appliance. For instance, a commercial steamer will be expensive in comparison to a handheld steamer.

There are three things that determine the price of the steamer:

  • The brand of the steamer.
  • The performance of the steamer.
  • The general features of the steamer.

Paying both more and less can make you regret your purchase; either monetarily or performance-wise. Study thoroughly about your product and its price and only then buy one.

And that’s everything you need to know about buying the best garment steamer. Feel Free to contact us for any query.