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From time to time, you hear news about the latest strains of microbes that have been negatively impacting a part of the world. Often these microbial entities are either bacteria or viruses which can be transmitted via airborne means. As a result, these days, the air that we are breathing even within our very own household, isn’t guaranteed to be safe to be taken in by our bodies. One of the devices that you would consider getting to combat these unwanted guests is a specialized Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses.

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Now the question arises, which do I get?  Most of us, we have a budget and want to get the best quality for our money. Therefore, we have compiled this article where we’ll get to know the 12 best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses so that you can render the air within your home microbe or virus-free. Let us proceed.

These are The 10 Best Air Purifiers for Bacteria and Viruses:

1. IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses Medical Grade

IQAir is already an established name when it comes to air purifiers that are truly meant to deal with microbial or viral problems. IQAir’s air purifiers are often seen in medical facilities such as clinics or hospitals since they need to make sure that the environment is completely safe for both medical personnel and patients alike.

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The one here in the list is their HealthPro Plus Air Purifier which is a well-known family or series of air purifiers that they have on the market. The HealthPro Plus combines both power and efficiency in one package.

With strong and efficient filters, they’re capable of clearing the air of any unwanted particles; this even includes the finest of dust present in the air. You will be surprised that while it is powerful, the fans operate quietly and the purifier is meant to cover medium to large areas in a building.

On top of that is the fact that the HealthPro consumes less energy than conventional air purifiers. The air purifier is low-maintenance for a high-end model since it comes in with a monitoring feature that lets you know when the filters need changing.

The only downsides are rather minor. The air purifier is expensive only on the initial purchase but that becomes irrelevant in the long run due to its efficient and low-maintenance nature.

The other downside is the fact that the air purifier is large although this is expected for a model that’s usually marketed towards medical facilities.

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Pros & Cons


  • Very strong and efficient in cleaning the air and can even remove the smallest of particles
  • Quiet operations
  • Low maintenance, the filters have a modular design wherein you won’t need to replace the entire filter. Just replace the part that needs to be brand new
  • Adjustable timer allows you to set the time needed for the air purifier to run and to conserve energy
  • Has a filter monitor feature that lets you know whenever the air filters need replacing.
  • Low energy consumption


  • Initially expensive
  • It is fairly large

2. IQAir HealthPro Compact Air Purifier

Here’s another entry from IQAir, but smaller. The IQAir HealthPro Compact Air Purifier furnishes the same advantages that the HealthPro Plus offers but this time within a more space-friendly body.

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This is great for those who don’t like the idea of purchasing a big air purifier. Just like the HealthPro Plus, it is powerful and efficient where it can even suck in and remove the smallest and finest unwelcome particles present in the air. It operates quietly as well and consumes less power too. Don’t let the “compact” in its name fool you, compared to the rest of the competition; the HealthPro Compact can even cover larger rooms. That is one thing that other compact and space-friendly air purifier models could wish to do.

It faces the same cons as the previously covered HealthPro Plus, the compact version has a hefty price tag but that becomes irrelevant later on since it can last for quite a while. The other downside is if you are planning to install the air purifier on a surface. Try aiming for a very sturdy surface such as a stone counter or a very durable hardwood table since the HealthPro Compact is heavy compared to other compact air purifiers. Despite of the two flaws however, this is a solid choice to consider if you don’t like bulky air purifiers or you still can’t afford to get an IQAir HealthPro Plus.

IQAir HealthPro Pros & Cons


  • High-end air purifier; strong and efficient as the HealthPro Plus but with a smaller body
  • More space-friendlyFor a “compact” air purifier, it provides excellent room coverage
  • Operates quietly
  • Very low power consumption


  • Expensive
  • Heavy for a compact air purifier

3. Guardian Technologies Germ Guardian Air Purifier With UVC

Not fond of germ or virus-killing air purifiers that have a hefty price tag? Then this one here is probably what you’re looking for and it’s none other than Guardian Technologies’ GermGuardian AC5900WCA Air Purifier.

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The air purifier is rather cheap compared to the rest of the pack since it usually has a $199 to $299 price tag, making this a readily available air purifier for you to avail if you’re looking for a budget option.

The air purifier utilizes a combination of HEPA filters UV lights, and activated charcoal filters to deal with both dust particles and microbial threats present in the atmosphere. This true HEPA air filter can successfully reduce the percent of harmful germs, dust pollen,  pet dander, allergens, and spores by up to 99.7 percent. In addition, the activated charcoal works with the UV C light by trapping the germs and viruses so that The UV C light can kill airborne viruses including, influenza, staph, rhinovirus, and coronavirus. This makes the air purifier have potent coverage against a variety of airborne problems.

The purifier operates quietly unless when set to its most powerful settings where it can be very noisy. That aside, the Germ Guardian can operate even in large rooms up to 338 square feet at maximum. If you would need to use the air purifier in your bedroom, not to worry! It has a timer feature allowing it to operate overnight at 8 hours maximum.

It has two downsides; we’ve already covered the fact that it is noisy at the highest setting. The other problem that the Germ Guardian air purifier has is that while it is cheap on the initial purchase; the maintenance costs can be high. You would need to replace the UV bulbs every 10-12 months and the filter needs replacement every 6-8 months on average. Flaws aside, if you are really itching to look for a budget air purifier to deal with germs and viruses then the Germ Guardian is made just for you!

Guardian Pros & Cons


  • Potent combo for your germ-killing needs. It uses a HEPA filter for those pesky dust particles and UV-C light for dealing with microbes.
  • 3-year warranty
  • Fairly cheap for a microbe-killing air purifier
  • Operates quietly for the most part
  • Can operate even in large rooms up to 338 square feet.
  • Has a timer feature allowing it to run overnight if needed.


  • Noisy at highest settings
  •  HEPA filter and UV light replacement costs can be high

4. SilverOnyx Air Purifier UVC Sanitizer

Next is another budget option but this time from a company that you’d not expect to make air purifiers. SilverOnyx tends to gravitate towards electronic appliances such as pressure cookers and the like and sound therapy devices and seeing them release an air purifier is rather surprising.

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The SilverOnyx Home Air Purifier is versatile for its price. This air purifier utilizes a five-stage air filtration process where it is capable of dealing with a vast variety of airborne problems. The pre-filter section allows it to snag hair and dander and while the HEPA filter itself deals with the dust and pollen. To deal with odors and smoke, the air purifier sports a carbon filter for that purpose. The purifier has an ionizer as well, which allows it to take on airborne allergens, and last but not least is that it has ultraviolet light in it to deal with viruses and bacteria. That aside, the air purifier comes in with smart features, and as a result; it will let you know when the air quality is in top condition or does it need cleaning. Operations-wise, the purifier doesn’t make much noise making it a solid pick for overnight operations.

This air purifier does have a couple of caveats. First off, the air purifier has a low CADR rating so that means this is better off utilized in smaller rooms and will fare poorly in larger areas. Second, while the ionizer feature is nice; sadly it is a bit on the weaker side. All in all, despite the few flaws that the SilverOnyx Air Purifier has; this is a solid option among the mid $100-range air purifiers made for virus and bacteria removal.

SilverOnyx Pros & Cons


  • Flexible in dealing with a variety of airborne threats
  • Powerful filters make it capable of doing its job
  • Comes in with smart features such as a smart sensor so it can know whether the room needs the air to be cleaned or not
  • Operates quietly
  • Lower Price


  • Not a good candidate for larger rooms
  • The ionizer is a bit on the weaker side

5. Airthereal APH260

Another good option in the lower price bracket is the Airthereal APH260. Just like the previous entry, the Airthereal offers a multi-stage filtration process to deal with a variety of airborne threats present in the air we breathe. This Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses; utilizes a combination of filters, carbon filters, UV lights, and an ionizer allowing this cheap Air Purifier to deal with the largest particles such as hair and pet dander down to the smallest microbes.

[earnist ref=”airthereal-air-purifier-for-home-office-with-7-in-1-true-hepa-filter” id=”2937″]

The real striking feature that the Airthereal APH260 has in store for the user is that it has a Smart Detection feature which is normally absent in budget air purifiers. This allows the air purifier to adjust the fan’s power depending on the current quality of the air where it is installed.

There’s an only a glaring issue with the Airthereal APH260 and that’s the fact it consumes a lot of power. Don’t be too surprised when the power bills go up. That aside, for a budget option for a versatile air purifier that can handle a variety of airborne threats; the Airthereal APH260 is still a good pick to consider.

Airthereal Pros & Cons



  • Not very energy-efficient as it consumes a lot of power

6. PureZone Elite Air Purifier – All-around Air Purifier

Next up on the list is the flagship air purifier from Pure Enrichment, the Purezone Elite Air Purifier which is an all-around air purifying system that utilizes four types of air filtration systems.

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To capture airborne particles, the PureZone Air Purifier uses the following: Additional filters to capture airborne particles. A True HEPA filter that is capable of capturing a vast variety of airborne pollutants such as molds and spores. The PureZone Elite also has a carbon filter that’s meant to deal with unpleasant odors and smoke and last but not least, it features the UV lamp for those pesky bacteria and viruses.

While it is capable of eliminating most unwelcome particles present in the air, the PureZone Elite tends to shine better when exterminating molds and spores in the air. That aside, it has Smart Sensor features that adjust the performance of the purifier depending on the current air quality. It does have a simple and intuitive control panel which is pretty user-friendly.

The PureZone Elite does have a couple of limitations despite being a good all-around air purifier. First off, the low CADR means that this air purifier isn’t the best choice for larger rooms. At best, the PureZone can entertain rooms that are up to 190 square feet. Thus, it performs better in smaller rooms. Second, it operates noisily at the highest settings which can be a nuisance when you’re trying to sleep. Flaws aside, if you are a fan of its tower design or find the automated features very attractive to your liking then the PureZone Elite is probably what you are looking for.

PureZone Pros & Cons


  • Solid performance in terms of killing molds and spores
  • Great overall performance in terms of an all-around air purifier
  • Has Smart Sensor features
  • Lightweight air purifier


  • Not the ideal choice for large rooms due to its low CADR
  • Noisy at highest settings.

7. Alen BreatheSmart Classic Purifier

We’re back to the larger air purifiers for the list and this time we have the Alen BreatheSmart Classic Purifier. The Alen BreatheSmart is capable of cleaning up the air inside larger rooms; the largest room size it can accommodate is around 1,100 square feet.

[earnist ref=”alen-breathesmart-large-room-air-purifier-for-mold-bacteria” id=”2951″]

The two HEPA-Silver filters that are inside this air purifier can handle a vast variety of airborne pollutants ranging from allergens up to pathogenic agents such as bacteria and viruses. The large air purifier is energy-efficient as it has a Smart Sensor feature. This allows it to adjust its performance depending on the current condition of the air quality inside the room where it is installed. That aside, the Smart Sensor contributes to having a longer filter life making it not as high-maintenance as the conventional air purifiers.

Another notable feature it has is that it uses Whispermax Technology allowing it to operate quietly, thus you won’t need to worry about hearing annoying high-frequency noises. While it has a good number of assets, it does have one flaw; its size. The air purifier is large and it might not be for everyone. That single flaw aside, the Alen BreatheSmart Classic can deliver excellent performance in cleaning up the air present within large rooms.

Alen BreatheSmart Pros & Cons


  • Long filter life due to its Smart Sensor
  • Energy-efficient as well
  • Operates quietly
  • Capable of cleaning larger rooms
  • The air filter is highly customizable


  • Has a large size
  • It is expensive

8. Airfree Onix 3000

Next up on the list is the Airfree Onix 3000 which is currently the flagship model for Airfree, a brand in Europe that specializes in heat-sterilizing air purifiers.

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The Onix 3000 utilizes a technology wherein it vacuums in the air in the area and is brought inside a heating chamber within the device. From there, the air that is sucked in gets exposed to high temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the bacteria and viruses present are killed in the process. The air purifier works silently and can be transferred around from place to place where it is needed.

While the idea of heat sterilizing air purifier is nice, it does come in with a couple of flaws. First off, it has a rather shaky performance in capturing the particles that it needs to kill and second it doesn’t have many additional features. Those two issues aside, if you are looking for a perfectly silent air purifier that won’t be a nuisance during sleep or want to try a different type of technology then the Airfree Onix 3000 is what you’re looking for.

Airfree Onix3000 Pros & Cons


  • Filterless
  • Operates silently
  • Portable


  • Doesn’t have additional features
  • It is expensive

9. Sharp Plasmaclusterlon

Next on the list is the Sharp FPA80UW which is a solid candidate when it comes to air purifiers that can easily kill viruses and other unwelcome microorganisms present in the air.

[earnist ref=”sharp-plasmaclusterion-dual-action-air-purifier” id=”2957″]

Compared to the other Sharp air purifiers, the FPA80UW doesn’t have a UV light filter but even without that, it still remains a solid pick. With additional filters, a true HEPA filter, and a carbon filter installed within the air purifier; it is capable of tackling a vast variety of airborne threats ranging from dust up to viruses. In fact, the Ionizer within it is not your usual air purifier ionizer, the Plasmacluster technology that it uses can both trap and decompose viruses, molds, and the like with ease.

The air purifier can be utilized in a decently-sized room; being 454 square feet the maximum size of accommodation. The Sharp air purifier dons Smart Features as well such as a timer and LED filter replacement indicators which makes operation and maintenance both less of a hassle to deal with.

There are a couple of issues though when trying to get a Sharp FPA80UW and first is that it has a hefty price tag for a mid-range air purifier. Second, since it’s so in-demand and so loved; the air purifier can be hard to find as stocks can run out pretty fast. Huge price tag and limited stocks aside, for a mid-range air purifier, the Sharp FPA80UW is a great contender for an antibacterial and antiviral air purifying system.

Sharp Plasmaclusterlon Pros & Cons


  • Excels at killing molds and spores
  • Great air filtration process
  • Comes in with Smart Sensor features
  • Can handle fairly large rooms up to 454 square feet in size.


  • Expensive for a mid-range air purifier
  • Not readily available; it can run out of stock pretty fast

10. Airpura P600

The last one on the list is the Airpura P600. With high-quality air filters and a high fan power; expect the P600 to be capable of wiping out viruses and bacteria present in the room where it is installed at.

[earnist ref=”airpura-uv600-air-purifier-for-airborne-chemicals-particles-micro-organisms” id=”2959″]

The Airpura P600 can be installed in large rooms where it can accommodate up to a maximum area of 2000 square feet making it an attractive choice to consider for your air cleaning needs. It can reach any part of the room to get rid of molds, viruses, bacteria, and other unwelcome microbial threats inside the room.

While it provides excellent power and cleaning performance, it has a couple of limitations. For a high-end air purifier, it is expected that it has a hefty price tag.  The other flaw is that it doesn’t have any Smart Features so that means, every operation has to be done manually. If you think the air around you is heavily infested with a slew of unwelcome microbial entities then the Airpura P600 could be what you are looking for.

Airpura P600 Pros & Cons


  • Excellent air filtration system; has high CADR making it ideal for big rooms
  • Can accommodate rooms up to 2000 square feet in size
  • Works quietly


  • No Smart Features
  • Has an expensive price tag

How to Choose the best Air Purifier to Remove Bacteria and Viruses at your Home

It is crucial in knowing how the most effective air purifiers, made to combat bacteria, viruses, and more, keep your home safe.  These air purifiers will do the work by killing germs and ridding your breathing space of airborne viruses, such as influenza, the flu, common colds, novel coronaviruses, and many more.

Thanks to new technology, air purifiers can do much more than their traditional ability to get rid of pollen, dust, pet odors, and mold. Some specialized models now have activated carbon filters, HEPA filters, and ultraviolet light technologies, working together to combat and reduce germs, bacteria, and viruses which in essence prevent the spreading of the flu, coronaviruses, pulmonary infections, and so much more. How do these features work you ask? Here is a short summary of how.

First, activated carbon, a natural air purifier, contains special properties that allow it to capture volatile organic and inorganic compounds, odors, and many kinds of gaseous pollutants from the air. Activated carbon filters work to accomplish this very differently from other air purifiers like HEPA because HEPA filters only filter particle pollution from the air. However, if combined activated carbon and HEPA filters can successfully trap 99.7% of small particles the size of 0.3 microns as well as most larger particles. Activated carbon is highly absorptive, odorless, and works wonders when it comes to eliminating toxins and other unwanted particles from the air.

Secondly, Ultra Violet light sterilizers get rid of molds, germs, drug-resistant bacterias, viruses, and more micro-organisms. The way Ultra Violet light does this is by using short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. This procedure basically renders these organisms useless keeping you, your family, and your home safe.

If keeping your home safe from germs, bacterias, and viruses, is what you want, you truly want to consider an air purifier that comes equipped with some or all of these crucial features. An air purifier with activated carbon will use its charcoal particles to absorb the viruses, bacteria, germs, and other organisms as they flow into the purifier. When passed on to the UV-C sanitizing section, the UV lights concentrated intensity will strike and kill these germs, bacteria, and viruses, giving you contaminant-free air. In conclusion, a safe toxin-free living space where you can rest easy knowing you and your family are breathing safe, filtered air.

Final Words

There we have it; these are the 10 best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses. Each and every single one of them has its own features that make them capable of dealing with those pesky microbial threats present in the air we breathe. Before you would end up purchasing any one of them, try doing your research first and know the room size where it will be installed so that you’ll end up purchasing the right antiviral or antibacterial air purifier for your home.

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