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Amazon Prime Day Air Purifier: Get the Latest Offers June 13 and 14

An Air Purifier is one of the prevailing needs we need to get these days due to the health benefits that it can provide for everyone inside the household; however while an air purifier sports great benefits; it does however come at a great cost of money hence in order to avail one, we’ll have to wait for a good discount as an ideal opportunity to purchase one. If you’re looking for that excuse then Congratulations since Amazon Prime Day is here and there you will find many great discounts on air purifiers on Amazon Prime Day.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an event for Amazon Prime subscribers or members wherein they get lots of sweet discount deals on a large variety of items such as gadgets, appliances and many more within the period of the Prime Day celebration. In this case, since we are talking about Air Purifiers; during this period you can find some great discount deals on them where you can avail them and pay for a cheaper price compared to their normal price range.

Take note that this upcoming Amazon Prime Day for the year 2020 will be the longest celebration for this particular event as it will last for a couple of days (48 hours) on July 15 and 16, and aside from that; it will be the biggest or most widely celebrated Prime Day as it will span across 18 countries.

How to Register on Prime Day?

In order to avail those great discount deals during Prime Day; you must become an Amazon Prime member first. Setting up your Prime membership is just as easy as setting up a new account in Amazon. Here are some steps in order for you to become an Amazon Prime member:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account. If you are a pre-existing user; all you need to do is to log in to your account. If you’re a new user though, then you’ll need to create an account by signing up; make sure to remember your login details.
  2. Choose a Prime Plan. Amazon offers a number of Prime subscription options as a part of its Prime service. The first choice is “Prime Video” which is the cheapest option at $8.99. The other two options are more expensive but offer greater advantages which are “Prime Monthly” and “Prime Annual” services which cost $12.99 per month and $119 a year respectively. Be advised that if you are a student or those with valid EBT or Medicaid cards have the upper hand by having longer trial periods and cheaper rates.
  3. Take advantage of the Free Trial. Whichever Prime plan you selected; you are given around 30 days as a free trial period (although this can become six months of trial period if you are a student). If you’re not exactly pleased with Prime; you have the option to cancel it but take note of what you’re giving up first.
  4. Select a Payment Method. For users who already have linked their credit cards to Amazon; you will need to select one of your credit cards from where the subscription fees will be taken from. If you haven’t linked a credit card just yet then you’ll need to add one which will be used to charge either your monthly or annual subscription fees.
  5. Address Confirmation. Aside from the credit card; you will be also asked which billing address will you use for the Prime subscription. Like the payment options; if you already have a billing address linked already, you can just simply pick one if you have multiple addresses or just go with your only billing address. If you haven’t linked a billing address, then add one just like you would when making standard orders on Amazon.

Once these steps are all done; you’ll be confirmed as a brand new Amazon Prime member. If you would wish to cancel membership or alter any details in your account; feel free to access the main account menu then select your account name, look for a drop-down menu and go to “Your Prime Membership”.

Benefits of Prime Membership

Before we move on to Air Purifiers; let’s talk about the benefits of Prime Membership. Now primarily, the benefits of Amazon Prime lie in the fact that the enrollee will enjoy free shipping and free 2-day deliveries however there’s more than just those two benefits. Let’s take a look at all of them, shall we?

  1. Day and Same-Day Shipping. In certain areas; Prime members can get the advantage of free 1-day and free same-day shipping which is nice for members who don’t have the time to go out for supplies. However, it has requirements such as the order total must be at least $35, it must be marked as same-day eligible, you must be able to check out before the cut-off time (often around noon) and lastly, the shipping address must be in an eligible zip code.
  2. Prime Membership Sharing. Fun fact, you can share the benefits of your Prime membership up to four other people without giving them direct access to your account; however, the other individuals must be actual members of the same household. In order to invite somebody; you need to know their name, birthday and e-mail address; and in turn, if they accept the invitation, they’ll need to know your birthday.
  3. Unlimited Photo Storage. Amazon customers all start with 5GB of free data storage in their Amazon Drive which allows images and videos; and many other types of files; however if you are an Amazon Prime member; the free cloud storage plan is expanded and allows for unlimited photo files storage meaning images uploaded won’t count against your cloud storage data limit. It has a limitation though; the images must not exceed 2 GB in size and must use supported formats.
  4. Ad-Free Video Streaming. Prime Video contends with Hulu and Netflix which are packed with TV shows and movies that you might be interested in watching; they range from classics to modern hits.
  5. Ad-Free Music Streaming. Amazon also maintains a library of over a million songs and albums that are accessible for free if you are a Prime member. Aside from that, you get unlimited skips, no ads and access to handcrafted Prime Playlists or you can create your own playlist if you feel like it.
  6. Free Twitch Subscription. Are you a video-game enthusiast? Then you’re probably aware of Twitch already; which is best described as Youtube but with real-time live-streamed gameplay instead of pre-recorded videos. Now let’s get to the point; as a Prime member; you get the bonus features for free without having to unlock them with a Twitch Turbo subscription. An added bonus here is that Twitch Prime allows you to download certain games for free monthly!
  7. Prime Pantry. Amazon also has the Prime Pantry program which allows you to order items that aren’t available normally such as household essentials or groceries that are too cost-prohibitive to ship individually.
  8. Lending Library. Amazon Prime members who own Kindle e-readers or Fire Tablets can rent e-books for free from the Kindle Owners Lending Library. Rented e-books don’t have due dates and can be shared across devices linked to your Amazon account but with one drawback. You can only borrow a single e-book per month.
  9. Free Months of Prime. This benefit has been mentioned earlier; being the primary requirement is that you need to be currently enrolled in a college or university and have a valid .edu email address; this makes you eligible for the Prime Student Program granting you six months of Amazon Prime membership and when this long trial period ends; you can avail for full membership for half the price!
  10. Lightning Deals and Prime Day. As stated in this article; Prime members get access to Prime Day being an annual event with great discount deals. Lightning Deals though is a limited event where a discounted item is available in a certain quantity for a certain period of time.

Looks like we are starting to stray away from the main focus of the topic. So from talking about the many benefits of Amazon Prime Membership, let’s move on to the topic proper itself regarding Air Purifiers for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day.

What to look for in an air purifier on Amazon Prime Day?

In order to make sure that one doesn’t get buyer’s regret after obtaining their Air Purifier of choice. You must make sure that you are looking for the right Air Purifier on Amazon Prime Day and in this section, we’ll get to know what characteristics we need to look for when it comes to obtaining the ideal Air Purifier for your home.

  1. Allergens. In order to obtain the ideal Air Purifier for your needs; you must identify what type of allergens you are facing. Some Air Purifiers are “specialists” towards dealing with a specific allergen whereas they don’t fare well against another type of allergen. Example; HEPA filters can deal with pollen, dust, mold and pet fur whereas the Charcoal and Active Carbon filters can deal with odor and smoke.
  2. Room Size. We’ll introduce a term here called CADR or Clean Air Deliver Rate which is the measurement of an air purifier’s rate of cleansing the air in cubic feet per minute. The higher the CADR rating; the faster it can clean out allergens and air pollutants. To determine the CADR; you must divide your room’s square footage by 1.55, and as an example. If you are in a 100-square foot room; you get 64.51 when 100 is divided by 1.55 and this means you need an air purifier with a CADR rating above 60.
  3. Filter Type. Just like the first criteria which is allergens; you would need to look for the right filter-type in order to properly deal with the specific allergy or pollutant that’s ruining your air. As examples again, HEPA filters being made out of randomly-arranged fibers can deal with a wide variety of allergens and Charcoal or activated Carbon filters are meant to deal with odor and smoke.
  4. Features. Look for Air Purifiers that sport the ideal features that you are looking for. Often they pack features such as remote controls, carrying handles and speed settings; but they may include some like fans where they circulate the newly-cleaned air around the room, service indicators which alert the user whether it is time to change out the filter, app connectivity which allows you to remotely control the purifier through the use of a phone application and many more.

Describe the properties of a good air purifier and the prices they may have…

An ideal Air Purifier is capable of providing the best quality of air for the person who is suffering from allergens or breathing problems or is just health-conscious. The most ideal Air Purifier must be also capable of cleaning out pollutants or allergens within a room at a quick pace in order to improve the breathing health of those who are in it. A combination of excellent features, the right filters and the right price is what makes a good air purifier.

Speaking of features and prices; just to narrow down your search for an ideal Purifier for this upcoming Amazon Prime Day; here are some of the ideal brands of Air Purifiers alongside their usual price ranges which may drop during the duration of the event; so keep your eyes peeled for any discount deals on them.

  1. AERAMAX – The Air Purifier brand of the US-based Fellowes Brands; air purifiers that come from AERAMAX usually sport sensory features in which they can automatically detect the air quality of the area where they are stationed at; and are capable of automatically adjusting the fan speed depending again on the area that their air purifiers are stationed or installed at. An AERAMAX purifier; depending on the model normally sits around the $100 to $250 price range.
  • BlueAir – The Swedish-made BlueAir Purifiers utilized a very fascinating combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration. This means that air particles are either filtered or ionized in order to remove any potential allergens or pollutants in the area that they are installed at. An added trivia, BlueAir purifiers have won the “Excellent Swedish Design” award due to their contemporary designs. As for price range; depending again on the model that you will use, A BlueAir purifier at its cheapest is around $100; being the priciest option is at $900.
  • Coway/Airmega – Made in Korea, Coway purifiers have a reputation on utilizing advanced cutting edge technology in order to assure the best air quality for the room. As a trivia, their design lab, in fact, is ranked third best by the German iF Design Award. Take note though that Coway air purifiers are branded either as Coway itself or as Airmega just to clarify or to avoid any confusion whether you see some of them on sale. As for price range; typically the cheapest is at $150, being the most expensive one is at $850.
  • Dyson – This brand creates high-tech air purifiers that come in some enhanced features such as app connectivity which can allow you to remotely control them through the use of an application on your phone or tablet. Some models have either a 2-in-1 or 3-in-fan ; and heater options, again depending on the model. The prices for this brand of air purifier normally spans from $400 to $600.
  • Holmes – If you are on a tight budget but still looking for ways to clean the air you breathe inside your room; then congratulations! Holmes is the air purifier brand that you are looking for. Despite of selling some of the cheapest air purifiers in the market; you would be surprised that Holmes-made purifiers are very efficient in doing their job. Take note though that their purifiers are either branded as Holmes or Bionaire just to clarify. As for their normal price ranges; they’re very cheap being at $40 up to $160 as the “priciest” option.
  • Honeywell – This is the air purifier brand of the US-based Kaz, Incorporated and they offer a vast range of air filtration technologies; providing them excellent flexibility in dealing with various allergens or pollutants present in the air you breathe. Aside from that, they also offer washable and replaceable filter types. Take note that they’re branded either as Honeywell or Febreze. Normal price ranges of the air purifiers coming from this brand are between the $40 to $200 range; again depending on the model.
  • Philips – The Dutch-based brand manufactures some of the finest air purifiers in existence. The notable features of Philips-made purifiers is that they have sensors and app connectivity features. This allows the user to see the air quality profile in either outdoor or indoor environments. Now for the typical price range of their purifiers; they sit around the $250 to $400 bracket.
  • Rowenta – If Formaldehyde is your constant source of woes in the air you breathe then look no further than the German-made Rowenta air purifiers. Their air purifier models are focused on capturing and destroying almost every single Formaldehyde molecule present in the air that you breathe. As for the price range of Rowenta air purifiers; they normally sit around the $250 to $350 range.
  • Sharp – Japan-made Sharp air purifiers have a unique feature in cleaning the air that you breathe. The Plasmacluster Ion Technology that their air purifiers possess are capable of dispersing charged ions into the room where the air purifier is stationed at. These ions are capable of cleaning out allergens and pollutants and also, nullifying odors at the molecular level. Sharp purifiers normally are around the $150 to $400 price bracket.
  1. Winix – Just like the previously-mentioned Sharp brand; The Korean manufacturer, Winix is also an air purifier brand that specializes in air purifiers that destroy pollutants at the molecular level but this time, thanks to their “PlasmaWave” technology; and as an added plus is that their air purifiers don’t generate Ozone. Their typical ranges are around the $150 to $300 bracket.

So there you have it, we’ve covered up Amazon Prime Day; and also discussed the ideal qualities of an Air Purifier alongside some recommended options for you to take once the big day comes. All I can say at this point is, good luck and happy shopping on the upcoming Amazon Prime Day! I hope you can find the ideal Air Purifier for your home so that you can finally breathe and relax without the fear of allergens or pollutants ruining your day.

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